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Is the education regarding the consumption of alcohol whilst pregnant provided to young Indigenous women in Karratha adequate?


There is no level of alcohol which can be considered safe for a pregnant woman. As an expecting female takes in alcohol, it passes on to the foetus through the placenta leading to defects in the foetus. The “Foetal Alcohol Syndrome” is one such defect which is extremely harmful to the baby. The defects not only harm the foetus or the mother, but affect the society as a whole. FAS has an estimated lifetime cost of US 2.9 million per affected individual in 2002. The purpose of this study is to ascertain whether the     education being provided to women related to this subject is adequate and also stresses on the lack of support to the health care professionals. The results are gathered from survey conducted on 20 indigenous women of Karratha and will be used to develop an education program, which would be culturally appropriate so that it would be easy for people to inculcate it into their lives.

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