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Intercultural Management Analysis Assignment Help-211166

Intercultural Management Analysis

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Table of Contents

  1. Cultural Comparison Summary and Observations. 2
  2. Cultural Models and Dimensions selected for MBI. 2
  3. EXCELL Cultural SCENARIO MAP. 8
  4. Recommendations for a Business Solution. 12
  5. Reflection. 13

Reference List: 16

1. Cultural Comparison Summary and Observations

  1. Case: Blue Ridge Spain has made the joint venture with the Spanish company Terralumen S.A. However, the joint venture is currently brink of dissolution due to various cultural issues. The article is ailed to analysis the cultural dimensions, models as well as scores with the help of MBI analysis framework in order to find out most appropriate course of action.
  2. Key Business/Management Issues: Despite a long a hard effort Blue Ridge Spain is being forced to dissolve the joint venture.
  3. Goal: To find a most appropriate alternative against dissolution of the Joint venture.
  4. Key Players: Sodergran, Yannis Costas, Carlos Martin

2. Cultural Models and Dimensions selected for MBI

After considering the cultural models identified by Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck, the case study indicates several major cultural differences (Ferraro and Brody 2015). The case study observation has been greatly successful to indicate three major cultural models that are presented by three key players, which are Sodergran, Yannis Costas, Carlos Martin. Sodergan has strongly presented American cultural model, Yannis Costa presented a combination of American and Greek culture model and Carlos Martin presented a Spanish cultural model. The cultural dimensions of these models are presented below:

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Network Administration Server and Wireless Management Report-500330

Network Administration Server and Wireless Management


Version number Version Date Amendment Details
1.0 14.08.16 Initial draft
2.0 22.08.16 Final

In this project scenario has been developed in accordance to the learning outcome as described in accordance to ICTNWK602, UEENEED147Am UEENEED149A, UEENEED123A and UEENEEH183A.

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SEM111 Materials Assignment 1 Trimester 1 2016 Lecturer: Akif Kaynak-186283

SEM111 Materials Assignment 1 Trimester 1 2016 Lecturer: Akif Kaynak

Stress/Strain Practical:

Strain Practical


The aim of this practical is to carry out tensile tests on selected metal and polymer samples with a view to understanding stress versus strain behaviour, Hooke’s Law, Young’s modulus, ultimate stress, yield, ductile and brittle behaviour and structure-property relationships . You will compare your tensile data with that published in literature.

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Risk Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Workers in the Construction Industry-206581

OHS Risk management report
Length: Maximum 3500 words
Note: The assessment question must be answered within the word limit. If you choose you may add additional information in appendices.
Report in Word format (Word.doc, word.docx)
Topic: Apply risk management processes to a workplace hazard.
Aim: The aim of the assessment is to apply risk management processes to manage the incidence of workplace musculoskeletal disorders.
Task: To complete this assessment you should:
•   Review the Safe Work Australia 2012-22 strategy, including performance targets, specifically associated with musculoskeletal disorders.
•   Review peer reviewed literature and other academic sources (i.e. approximately ten reports, articles or papers) concerned with managing musculoskeletal disorders. You may nominate an industry type.
•   Apply each of the AS/NZ ISO31000 ‘Principles’, ‘Framework’ and ‘Process’ to the management of workplace musculoskeletal disorders.
•   Develop a report which describes a risk based approach, including ‘Principles’, ‘Framework’ and ‘Process’, to the prevention and management of workplace musculoskeletal disorders (i.e. which will assist the achievement of the national performance targets).
Notes: Your assignment should be presented as an academic report.
You should refer to the ECU Academic Report Tip sheet for assistance in structuring and presenting your report.
This assessment is concerned with your understanding of risk management, its application to a workplace hazard, research and communication of your ideas. Your marks will reflect how well you have done these tasks. As such, you should only refer to sources which are peer reviewed or similar (i.e. journal articles, government publications). It is not appropriate to refer to sources such as your/other workplace procedures, organisation websites or social media.
Your report will be marked and graded based on your ability to conduct research, critically analyse and communicate your findings at a level suitable for postgraduate level of study at university.

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Modelling & Simulation in Engineering Assignment Help

ENCOR4050 Modelling & Simulation in Engineering


Task 1


A concrete overpass structure is shown in the gure below. Assume plane strain condition. Let Young’s modulus E = 22 GPa and Poisson’s ratio = 0:25. Determine the values and locations of the maximum

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