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What is your favorite business and why? and highlight, in your opinion, what makes the business special.

            Restaurant is my favorite business. Owning a restaurant seems like a glamorous business. According to Ryu et al. (2012), “successful restaurants can achieve a measure of fame and fortune.”   There are some specific benefits of restaurant business. They are mentioned below:

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Business Law Assignment Help-193831

Style Guide and Submission Guidelines for TABL 2741Assignment Research Paper

You are solely responsible to ensure that you have attached a completed cover Sheet to the written assignment you hand in. Individual Cover Sheets have been distributed [see back of Tutorial Guide]

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Coursework Assignment Brief RESIT-174450

Coursework Assignment Brief RESIT

Semester: D16
Module Code: A006
Module Title: Management Principles
Programme Year 0 / Ext. Bachelors Degree Programme
Level: Level 3
Awarding Body: University of Plymouth
Module Leader Mark wright
Format: Report
Presentation: No
Any special requirements: *NO MORE THAN 3 INTERNET SOURCES SHOULD BE USED*All work should be submitted on the student portal along with an acceptable Turnitin report
Word Limit: Total word limit is 1800 words, tolerance +/-10%. Acceptable Turntin report is required.
Deadline date for submission: TBA
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment Upon successful completion of this module, students should be able to: (a) (b) (c) (d) The coursework will assess learning outcomes (a) (b) and (c).
Percentage of marks awarded for module: This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the module
Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on  the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each section
Content, style, relevance, originality Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources. Audience focus. 50%
Format, referencing, bibliography Harvard 10 %
Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models. Clear understanding of a focused campaign 40%


Answer all tasks

Task 1

Define the terms: management, manager and organisation. Thinking about a large organisation and explain the different roles of tiered management positions. Comment on which management role you think is most important.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (25marks)

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