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Complex Nursing Case Study Help-168213

Assignment Task



Case Study for Part A


Luigi is a 77 year old Italian man who has lived in Australia for 40 years. He lives with his wife and son, who was born in Australia and attends university. Luigi speaks English well as he worked as an accountant for many years before his retirement. His wife who is also Italian has limited English as she has stayed at home caring for her husband and her son for most of her married life, thus Luigi does most of the shopping, pays bills etc.

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Programming Assignment Help-MAH_040516_75725_1_148559

* Copyright (c) 1992, 1993
*    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.
* This software was developed by the Computer Systems Engineering group
* at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory under DARPA contract BG 91-66 and
* contributed to Berkeley.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
* are met:
* 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
*    notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
*    notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
*    documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* 3. Neither the name of the University nor the names of its contributors
*    may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software
*    without specific prior written permission.
* From:
*     @(#)adddi3.c    8.1 (Berkeley) 6/4/93
*    NetBSD: adddi3.c,v 1.1 2005/12/20 19:28:51 christos Exp

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Environmental Security Ecological Footprint towards a greener future-72050

Environmental Security Ecological Footprint towards a greener future

Student Name-

Professor Name-

University Affiliation-

Word Count-3799

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Theory. 4

Historical Background to the Concept of Environmental Security. 7

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BUS105 Business Statistics Assignment Help-159843

Question 1

For the variable Do they like the tv show

a)      that liked the tv show  with ending 1

     =phat2=proportion of people that liked the tv show with ending 2

=phat3=proportion of people that liked the tv show with ending 3

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Engineering and Spatial Science Applications-163969

Task-   Technical Analysis of client brief and response to brief. Costed and presented as a report along with covering letter.



client brief

1.1.                     The brewing process

Malted barley is mixed with hot water in the mash tun using the motor/agitator and is then allowed to settle in the tun. The ratio of malt to water (by mass) is 3:10. Eg.. 3kg of malt for every 10kg of water. This process takes 2 hours in total.

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System Development Methodology Assignment Help-166686


Welcome to the 3 Platform Research Assignment
This study guide has been developed so that you, as a prospective IT Professional, can gain an
understanding of the various technologies that are relevant to the course, and in particular the role in
which you work.
You will have heard of many IT vendors that provide a platform that is proprietary to them and was
developed and is owned by them. Some of these vendors include Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle,
CISCO, Novel, IBM, etc.
You may have also heard of ‘Open Source’ which is a philosophy or pragmatic methodology that
promotes free distribution and access to an end product’s design and implementation deta ils. This sort
of access and information is held back by most vendors as they see this as an infraction on their ability
to succeed in a market place where they have invested a significant monetary sum to develop these
proprietary products.
The definition of Open Source Copyright according to is:……

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Organizational Behavior Assignment Help-165639

TASK – Organizational Behavior

 Using concepts and readings from the module, critically analyse a problem you are experiencing (or have experienced) at work.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to case analysis described below.

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Business Assignment Help-160123







Business Assignment

Name of the Student:

Name of the University:

Author’s Note:

Answer 1

Principles of consumer behavior

Explanation of principle

Examples on buyer behavior

Cultural Based on cultural background, the values and perception for buying varies among consumers, sub cultural factors including shared values within group, common life experiences affect the buying behavior of people. Sub cultural groups often consider a brand more feasible than others in a market For example, recently, the ‘ethnic’ cosmetics which have become popular are more suitable to non-Caucasian population as well as Arab, African or Indian population. On the other hand, another example related to the sub class division is, while buying anything, urban educated or upper class people exhibits individualism, while the Indian culture shows collective nature of buying (Argenti 2012).
Social Social factors influence consumer’s buying behavior which are groups, family and consumer’s social role and status. Education, wealth, occupation and income status decides the social class of people which promotes the buying behavior of consumers One exam1ple for social factors influencing buying behavior is, consumer from the middle and upper class attempt to purchase more healthy and balanced food than consumers belonging from lower social class. It can be due to awareness or economic factors. Another example of social factor influencing buying behavior is, an upper class consumer always tend to be attracted to products or services with better quality, features, innovation or social benefits, whereas, in contrast, consumers from lower social backgrounds are more concern with product price (Khang and Ye 2012).
Personal Personal factors including age and family life cycle stage influences economic situation and occupation influence personality and self-concept which influence buying behavior People have personal values and beliefs which promote buying behavior. Based on age , people changes the buying behavior. For example, at the young age, people like to buy fast food and high fat food without hesitating, however, at the middle age of life, people prefers low cholesterol food (Castronovo and Huang 2012). Lifestyle of the family also affects buying behavior. A middle class Indian family would not buy alcoholic beverages as frequently as family in UK.
Psychological Psychological principle depicts that psychological factors including motivation, perception, beliefs, learning and attitude has an huge impact upon buying behavior Sometimes, the psychological factors enhance promote the superiority of a brand after receiving a good service for one time, for example, many women prefer the brand Lakme and purchase products without having a second thought. On the other hand, the psychological factors promote the attention of consumers in accordance to their current needs, for example, people wishing to buy a car would pay more attention to a care advertisement, in spite of a computer advertisement (Rice and Atkin 2012).
Situational The situational factors including availability of the product, location of store, weather of particular day and timing of the purchase influence the consumer buying behavior. Situational factors like weather can promote buying behavior. A person would wish to have a burger in a sunny day rather than a rainy day. Timing is another major factor. If a consumer have less time, he would prefer online brand rather than visiting to a store

Answer 2

Marketing communication options


  • The main feature of this communication option is to increase awareness of a brand which is the major aspect in marketing
  • The advertise should be very transparent and clear towards its objective and oriented to the target audience. Therefore, it will help to measure the effectiveness of the product or service which is being advertised (Yeshin 2012).
  • The package text message is very important in marketing communication
  • It provides the information about product, production, company and others important information and this information must be conveyed to buyers. The graphics design of packaging also helps to attract more buyers
Personal selling
  • Personal selling is best way to enhance positive relationship with buyer which also helps to gain a good brand name
  • The interactive method of personal selling promotes two-way communication which helps to improve the business by incorporating buyer’s special requirements
  • The purpose of publicity is to gather attention of consumers towards a company or products in spite of paying the media
  • In addition to its cost effectiveness, the publicity is more credible in comparison to advertising
Sales promotion
  • Sales promotion is done for influencing people to purchase product/service, mostly these kinds of sales promotions are targeted to short-term benefits
  • However, consumers are not always seen to remain loyal to the products who has been attracted to the product or service through the sales promotion (Castronovo and Huang 2012)

Answer 3

Media vehicles

Explanation of vehicle



Television Television is characterized as the broadcast vehicle which is used for targeting mass audience with low cost/target (Rice and Atkin 2012). When small businesses are unable to afford to national network, they can use local networks of television for marketing purpose It lacks excessive detail-sharing and time duration is low
Direct mail It can be used for both short and broad message transduction Can be send to targeted audience Take more time and cost will be more than mass media vehicles
Website It is a mass media vehicle which helps in grabbing consumers attention by providing basic information about products or services Provide the opportunity for both mass and interpersonal communication Cannot target a specific audience group
Email It is the narrowcast media  vehicle Take less time and provides low cost advertising options Hacking or spamming information
Radio It is also broadcast and traditional media vehicle targeted for wide range of audiences (Yeshin 2012) Beneficial for small businesses Can only advertise to local network
Telemarketing It is direct marketing vehicle where sales person communicate with consumers over call or web conferencing Direct communication is facilitated Takes more time and cost
Transit media It is a print vehicle of media which are accessible to people compared to other vehicles More accessible and used in targeting mass media Expensive in comparison to the other media vehicle options (Khang and Ye 2012)

Answer 4



1. Australian consumer law (ACL) Australian consumer law helps to avoid any kinds of unfair practices in business, it helps to reduce misleading or deceptive conduct, false representation, promote marketers to provide standard information ( 2016).
2. Spam act 2003 It inhibits unsolicited e mails sending to any consumers or people linked to the business which is known as spam with an Australian link.
3. Telecommunication act 1997 It regulates the activities in telecommunication industry and guide to have their carrier license. It also deals with industry standards and codes development in any particular industry ( 2016).
4. Privacy act 1988 Privacy act 1988 deals with privacy in the rights of consumers, marketers and all other people who are related to the business. The privacy rights are known as information privacy principles which are applied to the Australian government and Australian capital territory agencies and private sectors. The principles related to the law direct the way of personal information collection by the government agencies from the business organizations ( 2016).
5.  Freedom of Information Act 1982 The freedom of information act 1982 provides the business participants the public rights for accessing official documents of their related agencies. This act promotes marketers to share information with the shareholders and other members from the government agencies ( 2016).

Reference List

Argenti, P., 2012. Corporate communication. London. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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Organizational Case Study Assignment Help-160577


It is a Management Subject, Organisation culture, creativity and change. we refer to the text book “Behavior in Organisations by Jerald Greenberg”.

Organizational Case Study

An effective way for students to learn about organizational behavior is by analyzing the management activities of a real organization. This project is designed to create such an opportunity. Each student will write an individual case study describing an organizational situation from the perspective of a research analyst. The case may be derived from personal experiences in the workplace, or observations of other organizations with which you interact. The case should be written in APA format and consist of:

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Business Group Learning Exercise-163527

TASK – Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 2B, Steps 1–2, for Advance Auto Parts, Barnes & Noble, Estée Lauder, Family Dollar Stores, FedEx, and Ford Motor Company on textbook page 54 on which I have copied from my student textbook below. I have attached a copy of a group grading sheet in order to keep the assignment on track and highlighted it for this assignment.

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What Strategies Do You See as an Investigator?-MAH_150216_63351_14_131320 and TMP_040216_63351_6_129683

Discussion: What Strategies Do You See as an Investigator?

Choose any one of the following companies and review the respective websites: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, IBM, or Cardinal Health. Examine their strategies to check if they are emergent, intended, or both emergent and intended. Discuss why you selected a particular company and how its strategies compare with their competition. In your responses to your classmates, relate how these strategies can translate to a business’s success and assess any differences in opinions you may have on a chosen company.

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Geology and Soil Mechanics-66062

Geology and Soil Mechanics

                                                 Student Name:


This paper describes Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Origins, properties, composition of rocks are also discussed. Engineering classification of rocks depend on its Uniaxial compressive strength. They have properties like porosity, transverse strength and crushing strength. Classification of rocks is done on the basis or their origin also.. Different types of minerals and their diagnostic properties are mentioned in this paper. Soil classification and description are part of ground investigation. It is an important engineering material. Besides soil texture and soil structure, physical, chemical and biological soil properties are mentioned. Measurement of various geotechnical design parameters are explained in this paper. Besides laboratory methods, methods of Ground investigation, sample acquisition and testing are described in detail. Laboratory measurements on soil, One-dimensional consolidation tests, Shear Strength parameters of soil and Soil Permeability Test are also discussed.

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This Unit will be assessed by assignment and Presentation-77995

This Unit will be assessed by assignment and Presentation.


You are strongly recommended to  read “Preparation  guidelines  of the  Coursework Document” before answering your assignment.




  1. 1.             Objective


This coursework is designed in the form of set questions and design scenario. The tasks are divided into four sections, with section compromising several questions. The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format.

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Business Management|Non-Profit Management-68717

Topic: Price Strategy

This is not a research paper.

we are to be applying what we’ve learned in a hypothetical real-world situation, so we aren’t supposed to just explain the portions of a marketing plan from what we have been learning. The name of my course is Business 330. The book name is Kerin & Hartley: from ch. 18.

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Corporate Law Assignment Essay Help-152706

TASK – Corporate Law

Course Bachelor of Business
Unit Corporate Law
Unit Code B01CLAWL314
Type of Assessment Two questions essay
Length/Duration 1500 words (Total)
1.   Demonstrate   a   working   knowledge   and
understanding of the principles of Australian company
Learning outcomes addressed law within the context of the prescribed readings;
2. Identify and analyse relevant facts, problems and
legal issues from a given scenario and develop an
argument in response, discussing available options in
the context of company law

Assessment Description:

Question One: kate is the owner of a very successful business selling women’s shoes. Kate’s business isexpanding rapidly and she wants to update her business structure from that of sole trader to a more appropriate structure. She seeks the advice of her accountant who tells her that she has a number of options, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. What would be your recommendation to Kate and why? What factors would influence your advice?

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Ethical dilemma for nurses-141631

Ethical dilemma for nurses


The report evaluates the challenges associated with the nurses who are authorities to take care of the patents who are in the vegetative condition. This report evaluates the discrimination practices that have a direct impact on the medical practices followed by the people.

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Literature review-160111


Introduction. 1

Methodology. 2

Literature Review.. 3

References. 5


In this recent world everyone wants to earn money of better standard of living. Nowadays everyone has some business plans which they want to start, so starting up a business is not so easy for everyone only those people can do business who have the potential and good quality of patience level in them because without patience some one cannot do a business properly and they should have the potential to bear loss and profit equally (Hodge, 1958). So a new business system after doing some research procedure came to my mind is opening a social media services, because social media services plays a vital role in every business segment. As due to rapid industrialization growth social media services has gain huge importance as many companies now looks for the specialist social service provider. So we should make a plan a proper plan to start social media services like ghost writing for business, posting blogs for the companies, providing ads in Facebook pages. A wonderful masterpiece is created by the social media services. Big brand companies of social media services have increased their brand value by developing their process of work day by day. Small companies like kogi BBQ are also introduced their social media services to increasing their sales (Kociolek, A. and Clevenger, 2011). The company size does not in this type of business; the quality of work is the main instrument in this type of business. The company should have the motive is to work successfully with client and build a good relationship with the community. The 5 pillar of social media are:

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