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Tax Law Assignment Help

TASK- Tax Law

its a tax retun .. you have to fill all required tax forms . must be on the tax return forms. like a real tax return .







Attached please find the completed assignment containing –
1. IRS FORM – 1120S
2. IRS FORM – 1120S-SCH-D
3. IRS FORM – 1120S-SCH-K1
4. IRS FORM 1125A
5. FORM 4562
6. FORM 4797
7. WORD DOC FILE for Financial Statements of Douglas Plastics Co. for the Year 2013

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Emerging Technologies and Innovation: NFC technology- 145931


The report discuses the concepts and importance of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used in Smart Grid Communication Network (SGCN). A smart grid is wireless networks that can self capable to respond according to the alterations and requirements of the individual appliances. The report has also discussed the potential benefits of SCGN that can be used in developing reliable and fast communication systems. The report has discussed the working mechanism and application of NFC technology in detail. NFC is short range communication process that takes place between two NFC enabled devices. NFC is more secure, reliable and fast communication compared with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications. Due to these features, it is increasingly used in medical, military, cellular devices and social purposed such as in tourism. It is gaining popularity in mobile communication in the form of contactless payment options, creating smart tags and QR codes. This eliminates the use of user inputs and speeds up the communication between two devices securely. In addition, because of these endless possibilities a lot of research and development activities are being carried out to develop more robust and reliable communication technology and infrastructure is being developed to allow full scale integration of NFC in near future. The global market for NFC enabled technology is increasing at a huge pace due to simplicity of technology wide array of applications in diverse fields.

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Co-ordinated business models in networks-146906


. define/ provide explanation of value capture

.coordinated business models in networks

. value appropriation through control of digital industry architecture

=>  Definition – The value capture has been for the public financing which is able to set the public infrastructure based on the generation of the private landowners. There have been public investments which are important to generate the land values with the focus on the increased profit in the private sectors which capture all the positive externalists.

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Operations Management Assignment-140199




In reference to the three projects that have been suggested in your mail proposal, the best project will be implemented. Taking into consideration, several important factors, we will judge the most suitable project for implementation on the basis of the realistic benefits that they are going to offer on a long term basis. In my point of view, the most suitable amongst the three projects is the third project of Stargazer. The reason behind its preference may include –

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Marketing Mix Assignment Help & Elements of Marketing-148693






Lecturer’s name


The process by which products or services reach to the hands of the customers from the production site is known as marketing. The whole management process of marketing depends on four tools which are also known as the elements of marketing. Primarily it is important to recognize, select and develop the product. Secondly, the determination of the goods and service’s price is outstanding. Thirdly the most important aspect or element is the selection of the channel through which the product would be delivered to the hands of the customers. The fourth and the last cog is the strategy by which all the promotion would be done to attract the eyes of the customers towards the product or services.

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Types & Sources of Finance–133578

Types & Sources of Finance

Introduction to Break-even Analysis

Executive summary

The business world is consistently becoming more harsh and competitive as more and more new entry is evident in this world. In order to survive in this cut throat competition the business communities constantly plan new strategies, which help them to avoid the competition and keep them ahead of their competitors. In the undertaken case study it is observed that Maria has a dance studio in Norwich, Norfolk. This dance studio is situated in the central part of the Norwich city. Besides dancing, this studio provides various physical activities such as aerobatics, gyms and sauna. Norwich is a small city and population of almost 230000. So the scope of finding the target customers is enough. Rather than this, Norwich city is connected with almost all routes of the country. But in case of expanding the studio, other areas surround the Norwich city are preferable and recommendable. The studio consists of two large rooms. Besides this, three medium room for changing, one large storage room and office room including reception area. The studio adopts some marketing strategies to enlarge their dance studio. The main aim of the studio is to provide warm and supportive environment and service that can attract different people on the basis of cultures, communities, ages and interests. Now, there are many dance classes surrounds Norwich city. So the studio has to take some adequate steps to attract the new or upcoming customers. The studio has to promote their dancing studio through different marketing techniques such as promotion, advertisement, digital hoarding media etc.  Maria dance studio provides smoke free area as well as full of greenery environment. Since the last five years, Maria dance studio experienced 20% growth rate each and every year. A proper market plan depends on the flexibilities and qualities of the services. As evident from the location of the studio, it is situated at one of the most significant and important position of the market. As a result it is convenient for all the people to attend the classes easily. Moreover there are many other studios associated with culture and literature. As a result it will be easier for the people to find the location. As a far as competition is concerned because of the location, the type of dance lessons that Maria is giving is itself a unique one. So it is expected that she will be able to grab the attention of people interested with the art.

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