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GLOBAL MARKETING Assignment Help-130237


Global marketing

The Uber service is banned in Malaysia. Which strategy in Global Marketing should be used to enter the Malaysian market?
Identify and apply global marketing concepts of Licensing, Investment and Strategic Alliances strategies in analyzing the issue.

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Formative Assessment-130982


I need to finalise an online course for my Diploma in Childcare Education in Australia. The unit is HLTHIR404D – Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.
There is a formative assessment with 15 questions, each requires at least 150-200 words. And there are 2 summative assessments for which i require help on the second one. I need to submit a 2000 word paper.

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Individual Human Resource Management Assignment-131879


 Individual Human Resource Management Assignment

Compare and contrast the various HRM styles and philosophies to explain how HRM can
contribute to the successful strategic management of a firm. Use evidence from academic
literature to support your discussion.

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Principles and Practice of Marketing-136242


Principles and Practice of Marketing

For centuries mankind has been trying to find the secret to eternal youth, the elixir of life, the key to turning off the aging process. Con-merchants have sold all manner of potions claiming to do just this and in the seventeenth century arsenic was used as make-up, and led was dropped into the eyes to make them appear brighter! You are the marketing team for a cosmetics company which, while working on a new face cream formula in 1995, made a very fortunate mistake and achieved what con-men and scientists have been dreaming of: they accidentally developed a substance which will actually stop the aging process in its tracks.
This breakthrough has been kept quiet for the last fifteen years while the Chief Geneticist used herself as a guinea pig. She has bathed twice daily in a bath into which the substance is added, much as you would with bubble bath. Not only does she not look a day older, but at a genetic level she is exactly the same age now as she was fifteen years earlier. Other than this, the cream has had no ill effects.
The Board is ready to go public with the product, subject only to achieving clearance from various health and safety agencies, which they are certain will happen.
Your task by 6pm, submit a 1,000-1,500 word report for the board to outline the following:
1. where do you see your key markets and who would be your main customers?
2. What pricing strategy should be adopted?
3. What promotional techniques would you recommend?
2. 4. Who are your competitors, and which ones will be the most important?
3. 5. How will the various elements of the marketing environment impact on your plans?
In all cases you must explain why you are making your recommendations and justify them fullyby using quality academic referencing.

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Task –

Personal Work Priorities

Assignment task






Lecturer’s Name

Task 1

1. How do you see yourself as a role model at work and how do you maintain personal performance in varying work conditions, work contexts and contingencies?

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Accountability and Ownership Assignment Help-132515


 Organizational Agility Test

Typical Time required: 20 Minutes

  1. What do you think is meant by Organizational Agility?
  2. What do you think are the key reasons, organizations are not agile enough?
  3. Please can you name as many components (out of 16) of Organizational Agility as you can?
  4. Why do you think Succession Planning is critical for Organizational Agility?
  5. Which are the components of Organization Agility– based on your views – your organization can tremendously improve?
  6. To find the root cause, we have to look at the problem from _______, people, process, tools and ___________.
  7. Highest level of leadership from leadership agility is called?

a)      Achiever

b)      Catalyst

c)       Experienced

d)      Authoritarian

  1. What are the four steps of Emotional Agility?

Negotiation Skills Test

Typical Time required: 15 Minutes

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C program Assignment that Tests HDDs Internal and External and Get the Results-133790


write a C program that tests HDDs internal and external and get the results of :-
sequential read speed, sequential write speed, random read speed, random write speed , IOPS score, all of that in relation to Blocksize. also outputs any delays

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you need to look into the HI6008 proposal and the survey questionnaire within it. The data needs to be collected for those survey questions (which are only few questions) and that data should be statistically analyzed by using SPSS software which can be downloaded from the following link.

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’Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’: Talks at Google–132659





Your Case Analysis is based on the Topic:

“’Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’: Talks at Google”

Your Case Analysis (also refer here to as “paper”) should address the Topic and demonstrate an understanding of relevant key concepts and appropriate conceptual frameworks.

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Health and physical education literature review- Past Present and Future-132782


Health and physical education literature review- Past Present and Future


Health and Physical Education

Name of the Student:

Name of the University:

Author Note:

Table of Contents

Health and Physical Education. 3

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Financial Planning and Forecasting-132482



Wilfred and Lillian Martin are a couple approaching retirement. Wilfred is 59 and Lillian is 55, and they have three children, Jeff 29, Leanne 25, and Chris 21. Based on the risk profile questionnaire, Wilfred has a risk profile of three and Lillian has a risk profile of four out of a possible five.

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