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Programing Assignment Report-121231


Part 1. 3

Part 2. 5

Part 3. 6

Part 4. 7

Part 1

In the part 1 of the problem, the code has been modified to print the boundary conditions which has been specified in the problem. The boundary conditions are printed at the start of the program, using following code:

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Programming principles(Python Programming)-128279


In the Resources section of the Interact2 subject website there is a data file called cars.txt. This file contains details of a valid car rego numbers. Each rego number is a six-alphanumeric such as A1B2C3. (Note: Two records in the file have intentionally been “corrupted” – for testing purposes.)

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MN6003 Strategy: Choices and Change

Individual Strategy Assignment Briefing

 (20% of module mark)

Due: 3pm on Monday 18th January 2016 (submit as Weblearn Personal Journal entry)

Your Individual Strategyassignment (e-portfolio 2) is a case study analysis of 1150 to 1500 words. You must analyse the Browns Sports Footwear case (case study is on weblearn and is 4 pages long) by applying appropriate strategy models from the core module text book, ‘Exploring Strategy’ (e.g. PESTEL, Five Forces, Strategic Grouping, Value Chain or Seven S, Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock). You must summarise the strategic position of Browns using SWOT analysis and then make recommendations for the future direction of the company using your analysis and the Ansoff matrix.

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Criminology Assignment Help-122855

Assignment Question?  Critically evaluate to what extent the police provide an adequate response to victims of domestic violence in the UK?

Academic References Only

i will attach 2 power point presentations for what actually needs to be put in these assignment. Plus, i will send you the reading that has been required and suggested by my tutor so you can use this for references as well. Make sure the full assignment shows that there has been reading done and the assignment has to be done in third person. i need 70% and i will even send you what they are expecting for 70% so this will give your expert writers an idea is what to be expected. i can only reference academic references only for example, books, journals etc. i need a bibliography and i need a minimum of 15 references up to 20 references from different academic sources. i have given you much more info than i did last time so i need a good mark of 70%.i need this assignment done by Latest Monday Afternoon 3pm.  3 Documents have been attached.

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Personal relations (PR), its challenges and opportunities (A case study of Nike)-125911

Assessment criteria for essay

Your work will be written in essay style. It will have an introduction

that signposts the structure of your essay, clear sections, and a

conclusion. Please see the notes on the portal about essay writing.

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Case Analysis: Air Asia Berhad–126903

analyse the case study.
The student is required to Identify ONE strategic problem or issue that is deemed highly significant and that should be given a high priority by management. Then write an intellectual discussion of the said problem or issue. The student is encouraged to critically analyse and offer a recommendation on its solution. There is no set format for this assignment; the student must, however, show creative and strategic thinking in addressing the issue.
this included porters, pest, swot, opportunity matrix, and races model

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Accounting information system: E-commerce and ERP and ERP System-124412

Student Name Ikram: B01ACIS215

a) Explain the role, component of accounting information systems, internal control and IT governance using the documentation technique in organisations.

b) Describe the business processes, the related technologies/infrastructure and challenges.

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