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Financial Planning Case Study-94347

Part 1: Instructions for completing and submitting

Completing the assignment

The assignment

For this assignment you are required to complete the following tasks:

In your assessment workbook:

•    answer the assignment questions as they relate to sections 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 of the case study

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Management accounting (A case study on KFC)-110208


In a group with a maximum of 5 members, analyze any multinational company and perform the following tasks.

1.             Analyze the Company’s History and Growth.

2.             Company’s corporate culture – values, corporate social responsibility

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Research Design: Factorial Experiment-122799

  1. The major purpose was to focus on the survival and the growth of the mice. Hence, there were efforts made as per the animal distribution based on the below table:


Description Level



A Sprouts —- Free
B Frequency of Weighing One per day One per 3 days
C Nest Box No Yes
D Remove young No Yes
E Male Yes No
F Exercise wheel Locked Free
G Food 80 % Free
H water 80 % Free

The generators 28-4 which fractional design were:



The 7 strings of estimable confounded two factor interactions:

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MN6003 Strategy: Choices and Change Individual Strategy Assignment Briefing-60822

Due: 3pm on Thursday  17 December 2016 (submit as Web learn Personal Journal entry)

Your Individual Strategyassignment (e-portfolio 2) is a case study analysis of 1150 to 1500 words. You must analyse the Browns Sports Footwear case (case study is on web learn and is 4 pages long) by applying appropriate strategy models from the core module text book, ‘Exploring Strategy’ (e.g. PESTEL, Five Forces, Strategic Grouping, Value Chain or Seven S, Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock). You must summarise the strategic position of Browns using SWOT analysis and then make recommendations for the future direction of the company using your analysis and the An off matrix.

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Finance Assignment Help-122187

Assignment 3 Budget for Jan & Feb 2008
Jan Feb
Food Sales (din) 60000 68000
Food  Sales(TA) 15000 18000
Bev Sales (A) 11000 13000
Bev sales (NV) 6500 8000
Total 92500 107000
Food Purchases 12000 15000
Bev Purchase (a) 8000 10000
Bev Purchase (NA) 4000 6000
Wages 35000 38000
Supperannuation 3000 4000
Rent 7000 8000
Other 7800 9000
Total 76800 90000
Net Profit 15700 17000
Following are the changes which are required to be made are as follows:
1 If there is any other route through which customers can reach the restaurant should be considered and if some hoardings are required to be placed on that route that should be placed.
2 Ask Your marketing agents to work eagerly in the remaining part of period which can cover up the loss incurred during the road work.
3 If some discounts can be offered to the customers during the road work that should be offered so that some may come any how.
4 Some discounts or coupon can be issued so that more rush comes into restaurant which can cover up the loss.
Assignment 7 Calculation of variances
1 Income Variance U/F
Breakfast Food 8.66% F
Breakfast Bev 17.74% F
Lunch Food -18.98% U
Lunch Bev -29.53% U
Dinner Food 2.11% F
Dinner Bev 2.79% F
Functions Food 72.87% F
Functions Bev 61.09% F
Expenses variance U/F
Purchases Food 13.47% F
Purchases bev 23.34% F
Wages 6.60% F
Supperannuation 6.60% F
Rent 0.00%
marketing -10.80% U
Waste Disposal 9.38% F
Office Supplies 35.56% F
Work Cover 5.56% F
2 Wages compare to Sales
Budget Actual
Sales 2614800 2942172
Wages 993600 1059181
% 38.00% 36.00%
As actual precentage of wages is less when compared to Budget so it is favourable
3 Food Cost compared to Sales
Budget Actual
Sales 2614800 2942172
Food Cost 664000 753448
% 25.39% 25.61%
As actual precentage of Food Cost is higher when compared to Budget so it is unfavourable
4 Beverage Cost compared to Sales
Budget Actual
Sales 2614800 2942172
Beverage Cost 162000 199810
% 6.20% 6.79%
As actual precentage of Beverage Cost is higher when compared to Budget so it is unfavourable
Assignment 4 There are several ways to increase the sales of restaurant some of which are follows:
1 Post colorful and refreshing drinks online :  You should post on your facebook page  regarding seasonal drinks. The three irresistible ingriedients in summer are fruit, Ice and color
2 Offer online ordering to incerease the buisiness: You should add the whole menu on your website becaue taking online order avoids many potential issues
Moreover studies show that ratio of online ordering are 5-25% more than phone orders.
3 Distribute ” Online Orders” cards: There are many ways to promote onkline ordering on your website but even though we are in the internet age , customers need a
physical reminder to make that connection
A Post card or flyer can be used on which menu is printed, yor contact info and your webiste address with the note to order online should be there. That will attract your customers
and your business will grow.
Assignment 6 Short Notes:
1 Debtors: Debtors are the receivable of the organisation to whom sales are made. They are also known as account receivables because they are our customers.
They are shown as current assets under balance sheet because we have to take funds from them.
2 GST: GST is goods and service tax . It is the tax  levied by the central government on the goods.
3 Revenue: Revenue means the sales which an organisation makes. Revenue is an income for an organisation  and shown in credit side of profit & Loss account.
Higher is the revenue higher is the profit.
4 Cash Flow: Cash Flow statement is the statement which is prepared by every organisation to know about the inflow and outflow of cash under different heads
I.e cash Flow from operating activities , cash Flow from investing activities and cash flow from financing activities.
There are 2 different methods to prepare the cash flow one is direct method and other is indirect method
At the end of the cash flow the closing balance of cash should tally with the cash balance in our books
5 Food cost percentage: It is the cost of food when compared to whole cost of the restaurant. It is the cost of the restaurant which it has incurred on the food
6 Occupancy rate: It the rate of the occupoancy of the rooms of the hotel. In other words it is the percentage of rooms that has been occupied when compared
to the total rooms available in the hotel. Higher the occupancy rate better it is for the hotel and higher will be revenue of the hotel
Assignment 5 1 In the superannuation payment there is lot of fluctuation every month. So much of fluctuation cannot be possible
2 July August September October Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Sales 98410 89310 91270 94550 105410 106470 93100 83820 79920 71450 84010 86100
Wages 44040 39570 39750 41530 44600 45840 40880 36810 33560 30590 34600 36350
% 45% 44% 44% 44% 42% 43% 44% 44% 42% 43% 41% 42%
3 Three negative trends that are causing trend to lower profitability as the year went on are:
a) Decling sales graph of food  as out of 12 months in 7 seven months sales are showing decling trend.
b) Bevage sales are also showing decling trend as in 8 months out of 12 months it is showing decling trend.
July August September October Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Sales 98410 89310 91270 94550 105410 106470 93100 83820 79920 71450 84010 86100
Food Cost 31490 28570 28750 29310 32677 33005 31190 29500 27175 25005 29400 30150
% 32% 32% 31% 31% 31% 31% 34% 35% 34% 35% 35% 35%
Food Cost has increased in the last months as compared to initial months
4 July August September October Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Sales 98410 89310 91270 94550 105410 106470 93100 83820 79920 71450 84010 86100
Bev Purchase 5100 6500 6405 5950 4640 5450 4740 6360 5025 3900 3860 4280
% 5% 7% 7% 6% 4% 5% 5% 8% 6% 5% 5% 5%
In The month of August, September February the beverage cost has almost doubled as normal there might be reason that the employees
Might have sold outside the hotel and money had not been deposited in the account of hotel

Healthcare Industry sector Innovation Performance Report-122972

Course Title: Innovation

Student’s Name:

Professor’s Name:


Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

Introduction. 3

Definitions of Innovation. 3

Research & Development 5

Conclusion. 7

References. 8

 Executive Summary

The health care industry has encountered a multiplication of developments went for improving future, personal satisfaction, analytic and treatment alternatives, and additionally the proficiency and cost adequacy of the human services framework. Data innovation has assumed a fundamental part in the development of medicinal services frameworks. Regardless of the surge in development, hypothetical examination on the workmanship and art of social insurance advancement has been constrained. One of the main impetuses in exploration is an applied system that furnishes scientists with the establishment whereupon their studies are constructed. This study starts with a meaning of social insurance development and a comprehension of how advancement happens in medicinal services. A reasonable system is then created which explains the interceding variables that drive advancement in medicinal services. In view of the proposed meaning of human services advancement, the measurements of social insurance development, the procedure of medicinal services advancement and the reasonable system, this study opens the entryway for analysts to address a few inquiries with respect to advancement in health awareness.

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India’s Growth Analysis-121610

India’s Growth Analysis


In this paper, economic scenario of India has been discussed. The study made the analysis about the growth of this country and applied it on the basis of Solow growth model. Institutional impacts on the growth of this country have also taken into account. A comparison has been made with the current scenario of Canada. It is observed that India is in the correct direction of growth in terms of capital accumulation and productivity. In contrast, Canada did not show much improvement in its technological progress. However, in some research it is found that total factor productivity is improving.

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ICT Based Teaching and Learning Process


In this particular assignment, the aim is to identify the importance of ICT technology in case of education system, which may enhance the efficiency of learners’ outcome. In this regard, the study has also highlighted strategies of ICT development plan, which may assist teachers to enhance the efficiency of learners as well as students. ICT also helps a teacher in enhancing his/her professional image, with the help of ICT the teacher could very easily project a very different professional image to his colleague and in this way ICT is also very beneficial to the teachers as well. Moreover, implications of ICT may help in increasing the learning capabilities of the students. At the same time it also helps in improving the learning activities of the student as well.

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Customer Care Assignment-122385


  • šFor my customer care assignment that is worth forty per cent.
  • šAs part of my Customer Care assignment, we were required to visit three stores as a mystery shopper.
  • šTwo were handed to us, while the third we chose a store in our local area.
  • šThe two stores that I was handed were Kilkenny shop and Dubray book store.
  • šThe store that’s in my local area and that I chose was Tesco Express.
  • šMy job is to examine the performances of the businesses, for example how they would deal with an angry or dissatisfied customer and also examine their Layout of their store, signage, presentation, promotions, health and safety, cleanliness.

Kilkenny Shop

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Brand Management at SleepMoo-122355


Brand Managers form a very important part in the marketing of any products or services. The managers have the responsibility to create an awareness among the customers and properly target the correct market for the brand products. The main focus is towards the creation of brand awareness and loyalty towards the brand. This will happen only if the brand manager correctly positions the product in the market. The end result of a successful product launch and positioning is customer loyalty (Aitchison, 2012). The customer loyalty is perceived to be the most import part in any organization. All the organizations try to acquire more and more customers, service them with the best quality and try to retain them. The 21st century has come up with many facilities which enables the brand managers to connect with the outer world more easily. While the technological advances is a boon for all the brand managers, in the meantime it is also creating fierce competition in the market.

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The Role Of Hrm In People Management-12060


The function of the organisation is completely depends on the people management procedure and the organisational structural. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the managers to provide a discipline and practices in the management people in an organisation in the form of effective human resource management procedure. These practices and disciplines have gone through a lot of trial and errors, theories and testing procedures by practicing managers and business researchers. The changing organisational in the marketplace pushed management people to improve operational efficiency and service delivery processes. To retain the competitiveness in the market, organisations need to ensure sustained availability of potential and competent staff in the organisation.

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Marketing 494-120489

Solution 1:

The steps for conducting quantitative research are:

  1. Develop the research methodology: A basic methodology is essential in determining the method for that can vary as per the need
  2. Developing the sampling frame: The sampling frame helps in determining what exact number of people are needed to complete the research
  3. Determine the resources needed i.e. people, equipment, etc.: All the resources need to be listed and considered along with costs
  4. Developing the Timeline: A timeline helps in understanding the position at which project currently is
  5. Developing the budget: Budget development ensures that total cost remains within bounds
  6. Conducting a pre-test before fielding the survey and revision of questionnaire if needed: A pre-test helps in error rectification and improvement of data collection process
  7. Programming the computer for data entry: A computer program ensures that data entered is in order and can be easily processed.

Solution 2:

A stratified sampling technique is preferred because it offers greater precision for the same sample size taken. This leads to a reduction of costs significantly over the other techniques and makes the technique advantageous over the other techniques.

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Internal Control Structure for Application Controls-116032

***Document a recommended internal control structure for application controls in your designed system. In brief, you will be asked to list the controls you propose for your assigned business process, classify them in accordance with various categories, and document their purpose.

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Marketing Research – A Case Study of Anthony’s Orchard, USA-117118

Hi, i need to write essay about Market Research. However, for the analysis i need to consider  the information about Antony’s Orchard Company ( i am not able to attach the document here as it is in html, but i’ve sent it to your representative via the live chat window) and ensure that the following questions are addressed;

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Procedural Programming Assignment-115664

TASK1 Note: Characteristics of Programming e.g. Low-level language, high level language, generation, application, instruction and algorithm; types of language e.g. procedural language, object-oriented language, event-driven etc.); reason for choice language, data structure, data type, programming syntax. Suppose you are employed as a senior procedural programmer in a big software development company. A client is seeking for details features of procedural programming for develop their new system. Based on your experiences and solid knowledge in procedural programming, company has decided you to prepare a details report explaining the features of procedure programming. Your report must address the following points effectively. 1.1 Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of procedural programming. [P1.1] 1.2 Investigate different types of programming language and make an effective judgement by comparing them with appropriate example. [P1.1, M1] Hint: identify the different types of programming language, their features, strength, weakness, environment etc. and highlight the advantage and disadvantage and present a good self – judgement, explain the appropriate programing language to solve the different problem nature with real example. Ø To achieve M1, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the procedural programming (task 1.1) and other types of programming language with relevant example. In addition, you will have met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria.

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