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Experiment No- XXX-102248-2381

Objective: To determine the hand-eye reaction time of the experimenter by reading the left hand and right hand distances.

Apparatus Required: Two rulers, Observation table

Theory: For determining the hand-eye reaction time average distance of the 20 trials for each hand is calculated using the formula:

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Assignment DFP1B-1v2.1 Financial Planning-100124

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Executive summary:-100519

In past, people used desktop for computing tasks then after some time there was a time where laptops were in demand but nowadays in present, it is the world of a new body-borne technology called Wearable computing. For consumer market, there are only two companies which provide wearable computers. Central Queensland University is one of the most richly diverse, innovative and dynamic universities in Australia with main campus in north rock Hampton. The most spectacular locations have its other campuses which include CQU campuses such as Mackay, Emerald, rock Hampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg. Here I, an ICT manager of Central Queensland University, am writing a report to be presented at the next executive meeting of Central Queensland Universityin Rock Hamptondescribing wearable computers which are used in various types of fields such in military to provide the ability to survive to soldiers in adverse conditions, in medical to provide nomad display system which has a feature to display all the records of patient into one system and in entertainment to provide easy access of game world to players.The enhancement of wearable computers in higher education system is the essential part of this report. Wearable systems can be used in education system in many ways such as it improves the quality of learning processes for students; it allows students to have access of useful information anytime and anywhere through this wearable device as it is easy to be carried out on the student’s body and this technology also helps disabled and illiterate students. This report also includes negative effects along with the advantages of these computers in such a way that sometimes this wearable technology becomes threat for students in such a way that constant use of this device makes students unhealthy as student may get affected by headache, eye problems and body ache. Negative affect on Handwriting and spelling skills of students is the other reason for such kind of problem in using wearable devices.

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Harvey Norman – The Company Assignment-100521

Harvey Norman Holdings Limited is an open organization that is recorded on the Australian Stock Exchange, whose chief exercises essentially comprise of a coordinated franchising, retail and property undertaking. Harvey Norman is an ecommerce retailer from Australia and it also deals in other products and services like outdoor fittings, home furnishing, flooring, equipment’s for sports and toys. The retailer is multi-branded and multi-category that contains products from prominent brands including Samsung, Microsoft, LG and Lenovo to name a few. The main aim of this report is to evaluate features used on the website and analyze how they can benefit the retailer. The focus of the study is on evaluation of functionalities and usability of the interface used on website on different platforms including desktop and mobile. The report would present both positive and negative points about different elements on the website considering the interface and the user experience. It would find how effective the website would be both for desktop and mobile versions.

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English Assignment-102230

The mechanical properties of Young’s Modulus, its strength and elongation in terms of metals are assessed in the entire module. The internal characteristics of the metals with its composition like metals it is made of are discussed. The determinations of mechanical properties of all the materials used in the construction of various structures which are important in engineering forces are also demonstrated as an example in this article. The behavior of the materials has also been assessed in the laboratory with a decent tensile testing done in order to be able to use the materials for construction purposes.

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Netflix Marketing Strategies-101025


Introduction.. 5

Competitive position.. 5

Market profile. 6

Competitor analyses. 7

Presto. 7

Customers of the company. 8

Sales and launch strategies. 8

Conclusion.. 10

References. 11


Marketing plan for Netflix is to increase brand awareness and sales for the company. The company offers DVD on rental basis by email. Customers can steam the available movies and rent the services at an affordable price. An increase in the competition level has reduced the DVD portion of the business, as customers demand for streaming system for viewing the videos. The proposal of the company is to target large number of customers, of different age groups. For this, customer segmentation is prepared as this enables the management to increase sales and product visibility for the clients. Netflix proposes to launch new products, for increasing the sales. Analysis is done for analyzing the challenges associated with the marketing strategies (Teo, 2000).

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McDonald’s is a food chain having franchisees in the world that serves millions of people every day. They have a high brand image because of quick service, quality food and experienced management (, 2015). The business environmental analysis is discussed as macro-environment and micro-environmental basis.

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Business Economics Assignment-98734

  • Business Economics take home exam
  • ·  7 pages, 1750 words Revised United Kingdom
  • Harvard Revised 14 Refers
  • (+44) 749562****

 Business Economics

Business Economics

Table of Contents

Part – A.. 2

1. Opportunity Cost and its effectiveness in decision making with examples. 2

2. Price Elasticity of Demand and its significance for the Business Environment, giving two instances of inferior goods. 3

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Work Health and Safety Assignment-91533

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Assessment Workbook for Practical Assessment

Workbook 4 – Practical Assessment covers the practical components of the following units:

  • BSBWHS402A Assist with compliance and WHS laws
  • BSBWHS403A Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes
  • BSBWHS404A Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • BSBWHS405A Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
  • BSBWHS406A Assist with responding to incidents
  • BSBWHS408A Assist with effective WHS management of contractors
  • BSBRSK401A Identify risk and apply risk management procedures
  • BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information
  • BSBWRT401A Write complex documents
  • BSBCMM401A Make a presentation



Table of Contents

Introduction: 2

Part 2 – Conduct Site Visit. 13

Part 3 – Research and Analysis. 18

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Budget comparative Analysis-70744

Answer No 2


Question 2 (iii)

  1. Price being the significant factor for which the consumers are shifting from Teasermalt to Chockoball reduction in price by $ 0.4 Teasermalt will gain the better market share thus the sales volume will increase by 25%. Though the company has managed to get savings in prime cost but this saving could not cover up the losses due to reduction in price thus the organization has to suffer loss of $ 0.4030 per unit sold. Despite increase in volume of sales the product could not achieve the target ROTA of 25%. Thus the strategies introduced by the company are not worthy enough to reach the target of 25% return on total assets.
  2. In the Second part of the question where the cost structure of the Chockoball is given the decreased market share has hurt the profitability of the company as the fixed cost in the logistics is intact at $ 35,100,000 which cannot be compensate with the sales decreased. The reduced profitability will gain the teasermalt a better market and will help the product gain consumers. The non shifting of the consumers will let the teasermalt survive the market. 75% decrease in the market will hurt the chockoball market share to a great extent. In future it might be so where teaser,malt will make the chockoball extinct from the market.
  3. The company should not go with the recommended changes since it is suffering losses due to this. However by this changes company may extinct its competition of chockoball but in that process company will have to suffer huge losses. The company can go with the recommendations only along with some additional strategic actions such as reducing the supermarket retail margins or increasing the supermarket rebates. Such strategies will increase the net sale value of the company thus reducing the losses and converting it to profits for the company.


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This research study is about the cloud ERP implementation in the retail industry of the current UK market. In order to complete the research study, aim and objectives are selected at the beginning level of the research study. The research questions and the aims of the research study are set at the beginning level of the research, in the first chapter of the dissertation. The second chapter of this study stating the literature review for understanding the different factors of the area of the research study. Literature review is followed by the research methodology that shows the different methods and approaches selected in order to carry out the research. It also highlighted the sample size of the economy in order to analyze the data collected for the current research. Furthermore, the research focused upon the findings and data analysis that is derived from the data extracted. After rectifying the issues and drawbacks of ERP implementation in the economy, certain recommendations are provided for the development of cloud based ERP system.

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 In this essay we are going to study about the different criteria for the recruitment of top building estimator who can exactly estimate the labor, equipment and material required for completing the project of construction. Therefore, it can be said that the filed for building is vast and includes the civil operations. The study will be dealing with eth method and process in order to hire top builders for carrying out the operation concerning the building process. Therefore, building estimator is a person who makes quantifies what kind of materials, labors or man power and apparatus are needed for the construction project. A good estimator should have innovative working ideas and decision making qualities and problem analyzing capabilities. Estimating is generally concerned with the primary costs of accomplishing new structure or renovation projects; it plays a big part in life-cycle costing of design (Vitaliano, 2012).

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