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Hospitality Assignment-96472

Learning Outcome One (Element One)

1.1) Self-employment options existing for business

There are several self-employment options such as sole trader, partnership, franchise, social enterprise as well as cooperative in nature. As commented by (), for the sole trader, the employment of the staff and handling responsibilities is a major criterion. In case of partnership, it involves pooling the expertise that of the two or additional persons involved. The limited company also focuses towards the companies to run having their own obligations as well as legal rights. For franchise, the already established business gives right the franchisee in using their business model. The social environment operates in benefiting the society along with the environment for achieving their objectives ().

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Holism vs. Reductionism Assignment-93551-51425


Holism.. 3

Validation Holism.. 3

Holism about justification. 3

Reductionism.. 4

The limits of Reductionism.. 4

Holism versus Reductionism.. 5

References. 7


Holism is a perspective about the interior association of specific frameworks. The case can be summed up along these lines: Holistic frameworks are such that their constituent parts have a percentage of the properties that are healthy for these things just on the off chance that they are composed in a manner that they constitute an entire of the kind being referred to. Holism is acknowledged in epistemology (Schroeder, 2010). Frameworks of convictions of persons, exploratory hypotheses lastly our arrangement of material, all is supposed to be the inclusive basis. It is asserted that knowledge can’t confirm or disprove single convictions or articulations in segregation. Experience dependable affirms or discredits an entire arrangement of sentences or utterances. Also, the significance and the legitimization of a conviction or an announcement comprises in inferential relations to different opinions or explanations inside of an entire arrangement of convictions or communication. On the off chance that these presumed relations are taken to be dictated by social practices, social holism follows. Methodological holism is the perspective that frameworks must be mulled over by considering the things that are their parts in the connection of the whole. Holism as process applies to all-encompassing frameworks in any case, yet it might likewise be a fitting experiential way to a pact with study different structures (Jackson, 2003). Methodological holism is across the board in the human sciences. In metaphysics, holism is in the final stage the case that the entire world is one all-encompassing framework.

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Banks Banking on Network Security-93561-51425

[Type the company name]

Banks Banking on Network Security


[Type the author name]

[Pick the date]

[Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.]

Question: Identify three policies a bank should implement to help it improve information security?


Any information security policy identifies the protocols needed for maintenance of information security. The focus of banks while executing security plans to protect information should encompass various factors. Some are mentioned below:

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How can integrating SCM, CRM and ERP help improve business operations at Shell?-93563-51425

[Type the company name]

Integrating SCM, CRM and ERP at Shell

Case Study


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Question: How can integrating SCM, CRM and ERP help improve business operations at Shell?


Shell Corporation is one of the largest global corporations.  This global group of petrochemical and energy consists of about 94000 employees operating in over 70 countries and territories. They are well known for usage of technologies and known for their innovative approach to creating a sustainable future. (About Shell)

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In today’s world privacy is very much necessary, whether it is in the private life or be it on the net. The issue of privacy is a very controversial topic(Serafini, Rye & Drysdale, 2013). Many people believe that the government is spying on them and keeping track of everything that they do. They also believe that it is an unauthorized gesture by the government towards the people. But the majority of them do not pay attention to the topic. They intend to take it lightly while in reality it should be a matter of concern. Everything and every action taken or done by the people will be known to the government. While most think that it will be private and will be known by none. Many of the people who are aware of this topic are seriously concerned as to what the government could do with this information. Every action they take is thought out carefully. But the main topic of debate is why does the government need access to all of the private information of the people? Many believe that it is done to protect the people. They also believe that it is done to promote the common good. There are many things that the government does that are not made aware of the people. Many people believe that it may be a matter of national security. Action implies thoughts, and as such what people do tell a lot about them. Many theorist, states that through the analysis of the massive amount of data that is collected, it is possible to achieve many things that was previously impossible(Tene, 2010). Researchers can track the harmful effects of drugs, the spread of diseases, to provide necessary facilities to the needy. They can also monitor the progress of the economic behaviors and can create many new plans or a project that aims to benefit the masses. They can take new initiatives to develop the use of energy and try to make it eco-friendly; new laws can also be imposed to improve the services of the preexisting facilities like the traffic or the transportation etc.

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Paraphrasing Discussion Board-93565-51425

Discussion Board


Paraphrasing. 3

IT Metrics- Applying Measurement to solving a business plan. 4

References. 6


In case of APA formatting, paraphrasing can be used in an impressive way. Sometimes paraphrasing can be a tricky option. In academic writing, one need to be sure of not copying the author’s whole writing part from a selected portion either from a book or a journal. Therefore, paraphrasing can become an impressive source in writing to avoid author’s writing style or wording from being copied. Whenever one uses an author’s writing style and texts, proper citations have to be presented with the same. But in many cases, such borrowing of style and texts from the original sources can be considered as plagiarism (Blanco, 2009). As a result, paraphrasing can be used tactically to make a note of understanding from a particular written paper. The paraphrasing must present only the idea of the source, not the style or wordings. Also, a writer can use his grammatical skills and sentence making capabilities to make sentences different from the original sources to avoid plagiarism that is strictly avoided. Apart from that, a writer can indeed utilize the main points of the source to stay away from unintentional plagiarism. To use the paraphrasing technique in a sound way, one should write in his words without looking at the original sources (Zedeck, 2011). Finally, to make an absolute decision on paraphrasing on a given topic, a comparison of writing must be done to check the clear distinction in writing.

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Knowledge Discovery in Databases Assignment-93567-51425

Etal. isa frequently used abbreviation which is originated from the Latin word – ET alii, which means “and others”. Et al. is very similar to the abbreviation, etc., which means and “the rest”. The broad difference is that etc. is used for things, while et al. is used for people.

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Information Security Assignment-93569-51425

2nd Source – In this APA citation, the source is cited within a source. They are also referred as secondary source.


Recently, an expanding trend of security incidents, like website defacement, leakage of data, hacking of servers, data being stolen by disgruntled employees, has been noticed. In the present world, information is developed, saved, processed and transported so that it can be utilized in the world of IT. In administrations and industries, there isn’t an individual present who can deny the requirement of sufficiently safeguarding their IT domain. Additionally, information gained from other stages of business procedures is required to be sufficiently safeguarded as well. This is the reason why information security has a critical role to play in the protection of data and assets of a company. IT security events like information manipulation or disclosure can have a wide range of adverse effects on the business. Additionally, it can restrict the business from operating properly and as a consequence, operational expenses can be quite high. Also, various small and medium sized organizations believe that firewalls, anti-viruses and anti-spam software can adequately save them for information security events. They have an understanding of the requirement data security, however, they don’t give it the required amount of attention necessary. Cybercrime is increasing gradually and thus, it is quite critical that the entrepreneurs of these industries are well-aware of the security embezzlements that might have to be dealt with on a regular basis. The following paper will provide the importance and need of information security. Additionally, the majority of the paper will encompass the numerous parts of the management of information security like the requirement of physically protecting the organization’s assets, ethical and personal challenges of management of information security, biometric and internet security.

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Discussion Board Assignment-93570-51425


Personal Communication. 3

Middleware. 4

Applications of Middleware. 4

Origin and Limitations. 5

References. 6

Personal Communication

In case of personal communication that includes letter, emails, memo, conversations and telephone discussion and messages, the rules of APA citation can be considered a bit different. In APA citation function, the materials of personal communication cannot include reference list as the data are non-recoverable. Therefore, in the text citation is done in the case of personal communication. In a personal communication, the letters, emails, memos, conversation, and messages are considered as not retrievable by others. As a result, the reference list is not added to in text citation. Citation of personal communication can be presented by giving the initials of the person with the surname of the raconteur (‘BASF and Cognis joining forces for innovative personal care solutions at CITE Japan 2011’, 2011). For instance,

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Strategic Management: Analyse a Strategic Business Issue-91708

You are to produce a fully referenced  written submission of approximately 3000 words (+/- 10%) that uses an appropriate set of tools and techniques to analyse a strategic business issue(s) within a chosen organisation. 

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Research Proposal: – (Implementation of Cloud based ERP system in Business)- 87939

Table of Contents

1.0        Introduction. 3

1.1 Background of the study. 3

1.2 Research Aims and Objectives. 3

1.3 Research Questions. 3

2.0 Literature Review.. 4

2.1 Use of Cloud based ERP system in Retail Business. 4

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A coherent essay on aspects of the place and leisure-89366

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To what extent does the evidence about Roman villas help us to understand Roman concepts of leisure and how Romans spent their leisure time?

This question is designed to test your ability to plan and write a coherent essay on aspects of the material in Book 4, Place and Leisure.

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