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Big energy case study-54090

Question: Refer to attachment.

The essay needs be well structured and coherent such that it clearly communicates insightful and critical thinking. This assessment piece will be assessed primarily on their ability to recognise, analyse and discuss the key issues, theories and practices relevant to the case study. Students will be assessed based on their ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the scenario and the OB theories that underpin the particular case study. When completing the essay please refer to the specific criteria provided within the essay as well as the assessment rubric that has been published on Blackboard.

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Question: Choose two of the four organisational theory perspectives and discuss how and why they provide us with alternative ways of understanding and analysing Coca-Cola and its relationship with its organisational environment. Draw upon the required textbook and Coca-Cola readings, and your own research to answer the question.

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Class identity and cultural tastes-57339

Question: What do your cultural ‘tastes’ say about your class identity? connect sociological ideas and concepts. Use the attached reading and another book

Class identity from traditional class theories help in maintaining the relationship which exists between the culture and the economic causes might lead to other social effects. Bourdieu helped in focusing on class relation aspects especially how the cultural tastes are relative to class position in society.

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Questions: How do you know what social class you are in? connect sociological ideas and concepts. Use the reading in the attach file and another book


Social class is a set of theories and concepts pertaining to sociology and focused around model of social stratification which arranges the people in a hierarchy of social categories. From the past time, there have been variety of factors that determine the socio economic class segregation in the society but, as the meaning of society changes, so is the definition of this aspect have changed.

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1.          A BLOG (400 words)

 Write a blog post about a topic that interests you.


 2.          A BLURB (100 words)

 Write the blurb for the cover of your new book. This blurb should persuade potential readers that your story is one for them. The book can be an extended version of the short story you produced for the first assignment. It can also be the blurb for a book you plan to write in the future. If you take this second option you should write the blurb as if the book is complete and about to be published. It should provide insights to genre, the ‘stage’ on which the story is set, characters, and the tension in the plot that will compel us to but, so we can find out how it is resolved — or if it is.

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Creative Writing-55522

Task 1 — Dynamic dialogue. (150 words)

 Write the dialogue for a conversation that takes place between two people. The choice of scene and story is up to you. You can provide a couple of sentences to set the scene, but they should form part of your story, not a separate explanation. Or you can set the scene through your dialogue alone. For this exercise use an established convention for quoting dialogue, and be consistent in its use. If you can make the conversation a cameo ‘story’ so much the better.

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Final year project on target marketing relating to football betting shops in Nigeria-50456

The Aim of the project is to know the impact of target marketing and also find out whether it is necessary for all business to focus on specific customers?, and why some businesses decide to target only specific customers, instead of  making it general for all customers. THE proposal literature review should focus mainly on target marketing. < `Structure of the Dissertation first should be. < A brief overview of the research study conducted Chapter 1: provides an overview of the research topic and states the problems, statement and defines the main objectives of the study; Chapter 2:  provide a detailed view of the literature which will be based on the previous studies conducted by different researchers; Chapter 3: should be methodology section how the data’s will be collected. To defines the sources of information and the methods applicable on the sample population in order to test whether the hypothesis of the study is accepted or rejected. Chapter 4: provides a detailed analysis of the data collected in order to help us in drawing conclusion related to the research topic of the study; Chapter5:  conclusion. Chapter 6: Referencing should be Harvard style of reference please.

Table of Contents
Chapter1:    4
1.0.    BACKGROUND    4
1.1.    RESEARCH AIM    7
Chapter 2:    10
2.  Literature Review    10
2.1. Introduction    10
2.2. Target Marketing:    10
Chapter 3:    18
3.2.    METHODS OUTLINE    18
3.3.    RESEARCH ONION    18
3.6.    RESEARCH DESIGN    20
3.7.    DATA COLLECTION (Primary and Secondary)    21
3.8.    RESEARCH METHOD (Qualitative)    21
3.9.    SAMPLE METHOD    21
3.10.    SAMPLE SIZE    22
Chapter 4:    23
4.    Data Analysis    23
Chapter 5    30
5.    Conclusion and Recommendations    30
5.1. Conclusion    30
5.2.    Liking with objectives    30
5.3.    Recommendations    31
5.4.    Further scope of the study:    31
6.    Reference    32
7.    Appendix    35

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