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The economic development of a country is inclined towards the stability of the finance that plays an important role. The financial intermediation model is based on the conventional banking whereby the banks generate profits from the deposit of the savers from their margin that they are depositing in the bank and the demand deposits, funds that are being lent to the individuals or enterprises. Some of the services that are being provided by the bank are risk management, foreign exchange, letters of credit, interest rates, commodities, trade guarantees, derivatives and custodial services are being provided to the depositors.

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The role of Commercial Banking in the Financial World

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The role of Commercial Banking in the Financial World

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Table of Contents

Topic: 1

Introduction: 1

Background: 1

Aim of the Research: 1

Research Objectives: 2

Research Questions: 2

Research Hypotheses: 2

Literature review: 2

The role of commercial banks: 3

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National Grid Plc Evaluation

Yield Curve: A yield curve is a simple representation of the relationship between the interest rate that a bond pays and when that bond matures. This yield curve is used as a benchmark for other debt in the market, such as mortgage rates or bank lending rates. The curve is also used to predict changes in economic output and growth. Shape of the yield curve is closely watched as it is considered to be an indicator of future interest rate change and economic activity. There are three types of yield curves namely normal, inverted and flat.

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Statistics assignment solution -42025

Statistics assignment solution

Solution for question 1

i)                    Steps for the drawing the histogram is given as follows:

First we have to make 7 classes for producing this histogram. Therefore first we find the minimum and range for the given data for the year 2005. Then we divide the range by the number 7 and then we add this value in a minimum value. This is the first value for our bin range. Now for the next value do the same.

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Solution 1:

The Iterator types define for traversing the items in a sequence. Iterators have same advantages and power as the pointers. But same time, there are also risks and inconveniences. We can accidentally modify data that we are not supposed to. This can be done with the help of pointer. But we can partially solve that problem by using const modifier.

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  1. Adeosun, O. (2013). Effective Reward System and Workers’ Productivity under Dynamic Socio-Cultural and Legal Environment in the Selected Nigerian Insurance Industry. ALLEVIATION, INCOME REDISTRIBUTION & RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, 402.

This journal is a reflective study of management sciences and humanities. The journal (pg-402) summarizes the study of the effect of the reward system on the worker’s productivity in a selected range of insurance companies of Nigeria.  Altogether around 150 questionnaires were distributed for research, out of which only 105 were considered relevant for analysis. This was done by using SPSS system, version 19.0. The results indicated on the presence of a positive form of relationship that exists between an effective reward system and a worker’s productivity. However certain recommendations were to be made in terms of improving the existing form of reward system as it did not guarantee, the productivity in the long run. It was recommended by the research respondents, to the management, the stakeholders and the Government to improvise regulators in order to give proper reform suggestions to the entire system to improve the effectiveness, so that it meets the expectation, and aspirations of the workers, in this sector, to attain remarkable growth, in the economy of the country and the organization respectively.

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-10x1  + 10x3 + 2x4 – 9x5                     = 79.79

-4x1 + 8x2 + 3x3 – 5x4 + 3x5                 = 117.87

10x1 – 9x2 + 4x3 + 9x4 – x5                   = -76.99

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European Economies Sustainable GDP Growth Compromises Quality Of Life

Student Name

Course Name

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Task 1

European economies are going through a deep recession period as growth as died down and coupled with this inflation is not picking up. There is an urgent need to revive the growth in this developed economies otherwise the whole world which is coupled with this economies will be hurt. The objective for any economy should be to have sustainable GDP growth with low inflation which is not the case with European region. Countries like Spain and Greece are already facing trouble related their high level of debt and decline in growth.

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Financial Reporting and Analysis – 39105

Financial Reporting and Analysis


            Financial reporting is essential to be carried out by businesses with respect to their performances throughout the year. It is essential for an organization that it should perform the reporting of its financial performance in its financial statements. However, it is not sufficient to only consider for presenting the financial performance of the company, rather it is also highly important that the material facts and findings as indicated should represent the true and fair view of the financial performance of the company. There should not be any biasness that should be involved in performing the reporting of financial performance of a company, and this is mainly because there are various important stakeholders of the organization that are directly associated with the performance level of the company and they uses such financial statements in making important decisions based on company’s performance level. But the analysis of the historical performance with respect to corporate reporting indicates that there are various such cases whereby the management involved in fraudulent practices which affected the overall performance level of all the stakeholders of the organization. One such example of fraudulent practices being carried out is in respect to American International Group.

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  1. 1.      Table of contents:

1.    Table of contents: 2

2.     Introduction: 3

3.    Capital budgeting technique: 4

4.    Analysis: 5

5.     Assumptions: 8

6.    Conclusion: 9


Change is something that is required in each and everything that exists today. If the business does not change with the changing demands of the customer, then it will decay and terminate.

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Diabetics Genetics

Abstract: Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is manifested when insulin secretion by pancreas is not sufficient or when the peripheral tissues show resistance towards secreted insulin. The onset of diabetes is usually in childhood in type 1 diabetes whereas onset of diabetes is seen in elderly age in type 2 diabetes. In diabetes mellitus elevated blood glucose levels are seen which needs to be kept in control. In longer run hyperglycemia leads to many serious multiple organ damage such as damage to kidneys (diabetic nephropathy), eyes (diabetic retinopathy), nerves, arteries and heart. The common symptoms of diabetes mellitus include poly urea (frequent urination), frequent thirst (poly dipsia), skin infections, weight loss etc. There are other types of diabetes such as gestational diabetes (onset is seen in early pregnancy stages), neonatal diabetes and maturity onset of the diabetes (MODY). Neonatal and MODY are due to mutations in one gene which are classified under mongenic type of diabetes. The underlying reasons for type 1 and type 2 diabetes are our genes. Type 1 diabetes is a autoimmune disease and genes responsible are HLA genes, IDDM2 and CTLA4. Whereas ABCC8, KCNJ11 genes are involved in susceptibility of type 2 diabetes. Diagnosis includes fasting blood glucose test, random blood glucose test, oral glucose tolerance test and A1C test. Regular therapy includes use of insulin injections in type 1 diabetes and use of oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin injections in type 2 diabetes. Recent therapy includes gene therapy such as improving differentiation and regeneration of beta cells in type 2 diabetes whereas preventing autoimmunity of beta cells is specific in treatment of type 1 diabetes.

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Corporate finance

Answer to question no 2 (b) (ii)
1 230
2 300
3 300
4 300
5 400
IRR 30%
Answer to question no 2 (b) (iii)
Year Beginning Balance Net Cash Flows Ending Balance
Immediate cost of investment 0 -700 -700
1 -700 -370 -1070
2 -1070 300 -770
3 -770 300 -470
4 -470 300 -170
5 -170 400 230
payback Period 4.425 years


(a)                          Time period given               = 15 years.

Rate of interest compounded annually = 6%.

                               Amount Required       = 5,000,000 $.

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Logic Simulator

Logic Simulator


PART 1. 3

References. 9


Rock Paper Scissors is an indoor game or a sweet hand game, which is played by the help of the two different people or different players. Rock Paper Scissors all players are played by the help of making or throw while structure one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The “rock” beats scissors, the “scissors” beat paper and the “paper” beats rock; if both players make or throw the same shape, the game is tied. Different names for the amusement in the English-talking world incorporate Roshambo, Paper Scissors Stone, Paper Scissor Rock, Scissors Paper Rock, Yuck Ack Ock and different orderings of the three things or items. Rock Paper Scissors rules are shown in below by the help of diagram.

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Individual Research Assignment Report

Individual Research Assignment Report




Introduction. 3

Analysis. 4

Discussion. 8

Advantages of DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS): 8

Disadvantages: 9

Importance of MIS. 10

Conclusion. 10

References. 12


Over a phase of instance encompassing is numerous dissimilar aspects of the managerial tasks developed by the conception of Management Information System. Processing data from the organization as well as put it for the information at standard intermission is the preliminary idea of this system as well as the DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) is one of the useful technologies in this field. The Managing information or the DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) from assortment to doling out is widely depending upon this system. This system is further uncongenial, obliges each entity to choose as well as chose the coursed information along with utilize it for his necessities. Information Management system or Warehouse Management System (WMS) is largely indicates to a computer-related system that offered executives through the apparatus to systematize estimate as well as capably administrate divisions inside an organization like DHL. DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn) is the most famous logistic warehouse and also distribution company or business model, which is based onfonded at 1969 in Bonn, Germany. So as to offer earlier period, today’s history along with prophecy data, this system can comprise software, which assists in assembling of assessments, data possessions such as databases, the hardware possessions of a system, decision supporting system, populace organization as well as development administration applications, along with several mechanized procedures which is allowing the division to sprint proficiently. DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers data which organization needs to manage them properly as well as proficiently. This system is separate commencing additional data systems in that these are applied to examine as well as make possible planned along with prepared behaviors. Rationally, this idiom is usually worned to submit the lessons of how folks, clusters, along with appraise of association, plan, execute, maintain, as well as exploit systems to produce data for the reason of  progress competence along with usefulness of decision making, counting systems period decision supporting system, expert systems, as well as executive information systems (Montano, 2004). The notions of DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) provide elevated stare to the entity as well as his skill to utilize information. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) offer information’s for the period of the process of data scrutiny. Although examining the information, it relies on various educational regulations. These comprise the hypothesis, moralities as well as ideas from the Management Science, Psychology as well as Human Behavior more successful along with helpful. These educational regulations are worned in scheming Warehouse Management System (WMS), developing the supporting decision apparatus in favor of mocking-up along with decision – making. The DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an artifact of a multi-penalizing move toward to the business execution. It is an artifact that requires to be reserved beneath a steady evaluation as well as alteration to rally the commercial desires of the data. It is approved artifact devise intended for the organization. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) varies while the public in two organizations involved in the DHL logistic business model. The DHL Warehouse Management System (WMS) is intended for the people in the organization. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) replica may be the similar except it very deeply in the stuffing.

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Management Foundation -39527

Management Foundation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Assessment 3

Question A.. 3

Question B.. 3

Question C.. 4

Question D.. 4

Question E.. 5

Discussion and analysis. 6

Recommendation. 7

References. 8

Executive Summary

This particular project generally focuses on the main and the major processes of the Boral BLD which generally produces their own products and supplies it as well. The Building Products portion is occupied with Australian blocks, top tiles, stone work, timber items and windows. The Boral USA is occupied with Bricks, refined stone, top tiles, fly powder, solid and quarries. This particular generally highlights the main causes and the consequences of the improvement of the Boral BLD. Further in the research you will be able to recognize that how the CEO of the company helps the Boral BLD by making the annual report of the company.

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XML File and XSD of the file Solution – 39298

XML File and XSD of the file

Initial Task

BookingRef CustomerName FlightID DepartureDate SeatBooked Fare
BM308Z John Citizen QF237 231014 24D $127.95
DM709A Lucy QD334 240914 22A $111.85
FR432B Andy Bar ER432 241014 21E $231.88
TR443E Ashton VC332 251014 22R $111.95
QW221R Mike RF554Q 231014 13D $123.33
BG213E Nancy TG522J 291014 12J $156.88

XSD of the file

<xs:schema attributeFormDefault=”unqualified” elementFormDefault=”qualified” xmlns:xs=””>

<xs:element name=”Booked”>

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About the company:

Watpac limited is engaged in the construction industry and in the work of property development in the country of Australia. Its processes of construction includes building, project management, and construction project management. The company is further engaged in the construction of roads, bridges, dams, airfields, railway works, heavy duty pavements, major earthworks, marine works, and concrete foundation works, as well as undertakes hard landscape works, including retaining walls and architectural pavements.

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Calculating of Non-controlling Interest in Tower LTD- MAH011014_19674_39488

Calculating of Non-controlling Interest in Tower LTD
(I)                 Non-controlling interest on acquisition date Sydney LTD 10% Non-controlling interest
Share Capital 280000 20000
Retained earnings-on acquisition 52200 5800
Fair value adjustments 0 2100
332200 27900
Investment in Tower Ltd 289980
Bargain Purchase -42220
Adjustment/ elimination journal entries for consolidation at 30 June 2014 for the Economic Entity
1. Fair value adjustment Journal
A.  Dr. Accumulated depreciation 30000
CR. Depreciation Expense 30000
(Reinstating Accumulated depreciation in the statement of financial position)
B. Dr. Plant 50000
Cr. Revaluation Surplus 35000
Cr. DTL 15000
(Revaluating the asset to fair value and recognising the associated deferred tax liability)
C. Dr. Depreciation Expense 10000
Dr. Opening retained earnings 20000
Cr. Accumulated Depreciation 30000
(recognising current year’s depreciation expense and carring forward previous years expenses)
D. Dr DTL 9000
Cr. Income Tax Expense 3000
Cr. Openting Retained Earnings 6000
(Recognising tax effect on current years depreciation and carring forward previous years tax expense)
E. Dr. Share Capital (60%) 280000
Dr. Retained Earnings (60%) 52200
Dr. Revaluation Surplus (60%) 0
Dr. Goodwill -42220
Cr. Investment in Gillard LTD 289980
(Elimination journal of investing in Gillard LTD)
2. Adjustments for intragroup sale of plant and associated depreciation adjustments
A. Dr. Retained earnings 59000
Dr. Plant 5000
Cr. Accumulated Depreciation 64000
(Reversal of gain recognised on sale of asset and reinstatement of cost and accumulated depreciation)
B. Dr. DTA 17700
Cr. Income Tax Expense 17700
(Reversal of Deffered tax affect)
C. Dr. Accumulated Depreciation Expense 1000
Cr. Depreciation Expense 1000
(Reversal of depreciation affect)
 D. Dr. Income Tax Expense 300
Cr. DTA 300
(Reversal of income tax expense effect)
3. Intercompany Inventory transaction adjustments
 Dr. Sales 569600
Cr. COGS 569600
(Reversal of Sales effect)
4.A. Dr.opening retained earnings 28000
Cr. COGS 28000
(Carring Forward unrelised profit)
4.B Income Tax Expense 8400
Cr. Opening Retained Earnings 8400
(carring forward tax effect of unrealised profit from last year)
5.A Dr. Cogs 18100
Cr. Inventory 18100
(Intragroup inventory sales adjustments)
5.B Dr DTA 5430
Cr. Income Tax Expense 5430
(Tax affect of unrealised gain adjustment)
5.C Dr. Sales 88200
Cr. COGS 88200
(Intragroup inventory sales adjustments)
6.A Dr. Plant 112500
Cr. Loss on sale 70000
Cr. Accumulated Depreciation Expense) 42500
(Reversal of loss on plant sale)
6.B Dr. Income Tax Expense 21000
Cr. DTL 21000
(Adjusting deffered tax liability effects)
6.C Dr. Depreciation Expense 8750
Cr. Accumulated Depreciation 8750
(Adjusting depreciation of loss plant sale)
6.D Dr. DTL 2625
Cr. Income Tax Expense 2625
(Adjusting DTL and income tax effect for the depreciation expense)
7. Dr. Impairment loss-Goodwill 8000
Dr. Opening Retained Earnings 5000
Cr. Accumulated impairment Loss 13000
(Adjusting goodwill impairment loss)
8. Dr. Management Fee revenue 12900
Cr. Management fee expense 12900
(Adjustment of intragroup management fee transaction)
9.A Dr. Dividend revenue 87960
Cr. Dividend Paid 87960
(Adjustment of intragroup dividend transaction)
9.B Dr. Dividend Payable 43980
Cr. Dividend Receivable 43980
(Adjustment of intragroup dividend transaction)
Sydney LTD and Its controlled entity consolidation worksheet for the year ending30 June 2014
Sydney Ltd Tower Ltd Elimination & adjustments Consolidated Statement
Detailed Reconciliation of opening and closing retained earnings
Sales Revenue 1365300 992200
LESS: COGS 692000 618500
Gross Profit 673300 373700
Other Revenue
Management fee revenue 12900
Dividend Reveneu 87960
Depreciation 133300 59000
Mangement fee expense 0 12900
Loss on Sale of Assets 70000
Other expense 426200 163400
Profit before tax 144660 138400
Tax expense 17010 41520
Profit for the year 127650 96880
Non-controlling interest in profit after tax
Sydney’s interest in profits after tax
Retained earning at the beginning year 159220 134320
Dividends paid or declared 75000 96400
Retained earnings  at the end of the year 211870 134800
Statement of financial position
Shareholder’s equity
Revaluation Surplus
Retained earnings 211870 134800
Share capital 450000 200000
Non-controlling Interest
Current liabilities
Accounts payable 210280 148180
Income Tax payables 10910 42420
Dividend payable 37500 48200
Non-current liabilities
Bank Loans 710000 650000
Provision for employee benefits 29100 14300
Deferred Tax Liability 6100
1665760 1237900
Current assets
Accounts receivable 176800 98700
Inventory 98300 121200
Allowance for doubtful debt -22100 -9500
Dividend receivable 43980
Non-current Assets
Deferred Tax asset 900
Land and building 790000 910800
Plant at cost 449700 301200
Accumulated depreciation -169400 -185400
Shares in The Rocks Pty Ltd 8500
Investment in Tower Ltd 289980
Total 1665760 1237900 0 0 0

Prioritisation of Complex health issues

Prioritisation of Complex health issues

Medicinal experts however have a tendency to centre all the more barely on a restorative model of health awareness -a history and examination- took after by examination and treatment, lastly clinical measures of effective result. This methodology has been reprimanded for delivering a paternalistic specialist quiet relationship. The relative achievement of a given health awareness mediation may vary essentially from a patient viewpoint versus the medicinal services supplier’s point of view. At the point when this happens we may ask ourselves; Has a wellbeing need been met? Was the forethought process palatable? Has the load of sickness on the understanding’s personal satisfaction been minimized? In the provided case study of Jim cooper who is 68 years old.He possess a week history of extreme cough and SOB.He is been sitting on chair all night and need care.He is living alone from last 18 months as he is widower.His general observations found that he is dyspnoeic and have difficulty in respiration.

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THE FAULT IN OUR STARS MAH300914_19291_39103




Since a grownup acquainted with Hazel’s disease wants to go with her & Augustus to Amsterdam, it’s obvious that Hazel’s mother will go. As Hazel considers of the trip, she queries why she tensed up when Augustus touched her cheek at the sculpture park. She underst&s that, though she discovers Augustus good-looking, she has not ever earlier well thought-out of kissing him. Subsequent additional partial talk with Kaitlyn, mainly about Augustus, Hazel resolves to look up Augustus’s last girlfriend Caroline Mather’s profile on the net. She considers she & the fit & well Caroline viewed nothing alike, but cancer made them very alike.

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