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31332 -Adelaide Magistrate Court- Plea in Mitigation

Adelaide Magistrate Court

Plea in Mitigation

Relevant Facts about the Case

  1. With due respect to the court, my name is Tom McCarthy and I will appear for Alen Ales, 22 years old. Alen has been found guilty for dealing with Ecstasy at HQ night club. However, he has constantly stated of being guilty.  Although, he does not wish to go to the jail.
  2. Even though Alen is aware of the fact that the crime he has committed is highly offensive, but Alen does not wish to go to jail. Alen is not addicted to drugs. However, Alen is an extremely shy and reserved person and drugs help me in socializing. Even though Alen has a feeling that drugs should be legalized, Alen wishes to seek rehabilitation and counseling so that Alen does not end up in jail. Alen wishes to seek rehabilitation because Alen has been taking up ecstasy on regular basis for improving his socialization skills
  3. Alen is also a law and I work to defend his case myself 
  4. Alen had been forced by his friends and his girlfriend to purchase ecstasy for a trip we were planning

Exemption from Jail sentence

It seems evident that Alen was forced in undue circumstances to follow the path that he has taken. It may seem a little unrealistic to agree that it was not Alen’s fault but actually the reason that Alen was induced by drugs and this was the reason why alen had done what he is now facing sentence for. But it is not a hidden fact that even a person who has committed less crimes and is in jail may come out of the jail becoming a serious criminal. I say this not because I am a lawyer of Alen but because I have fought many cases and I have seen the life of most criminals in jail. I do not say here that all the criminals should be set free but all I am trying to say here is that Alen is in that phase of his life where whatever he learns and whatever he experiences will either make him a better man or a worse criminal. If the court visualizes Alen as a 22 year old boy facing undue circumstances and miserable life that made him be guilty in his own eyes then it definitely seems evident to first make Alen free from his habit of taking ecstasy and then provide him with a chance to work for the betterment of the society.

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Indian civilization to the world


Quite a long time ago India was depicted as a place that is known for superb life; each man and lady who existed here was equal to heavenly creatures. The notice of 33 billion appearances of Gods in the Indian scriptures alludes to these occupants of old India. It is a nation of brilliant legacy and great past. All extensions of learning and progress are said to have radiated from the Indian Philosophy and Culture which were spread over the globe through the devoted altruist tries of the Rishi. Countless and analysts of world-history, oriental society and erudite development have clarified distinctive parts of antiquated India and on commitments of India to the whole world. Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya had evaluated the establishment and extension of the society and progress of India and had arranged an extensive exploration report The bona fide data accumulated by him in 1972-73 throughout a voyage administers is similar to a compact reference book which is distributed as “Samagra Vishwa Ko Bharat Ke Ajastra Anudaan”. He furnished points of interest with evidential data and references on the worldwide extension and verifiable commitments of this most aged society to the human progress and social improvement of whatever remains of the world. (, 2014)

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Digital Forensic Report

Digital Forensic May 18





Executive Summery. 2

Introduction. 2

Background. 2

Scope. 3

Digital Forensic Tools. 3

Analysis. 5

Digital Forensic Techniques. 5

Findings. 7

Conclusion. 8

References. 8

Executive Summery

This report is based on the topic of Digital Forensic. In this report we will discuss about the term Digital Forensic in detail and besides this we will also discuss about the various tools and techniques of digital forensic that are necessary to encrypt the data. In case of cloud network, digital forensic is an essential technique to use. This report will contain the various findings, conclusions and analysis regarding the digital forensic technique.

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Research Design and Research Management

Research Design and Research Management

There are several types of research designs and managing the design of research is known as research management. However the whole process of research management is to provide on the basis of research the prominent solution. Research design is explanatory in nature or it can be descriptive in nature. When a research design is descriptive in nature then it provokes in the research process all the probable questions of research whereas when a research design is explanatory in nature then it results in provoking explanations and aspects of why something has happened associated with the impact of the same in elaborated explanations (Robson 2013).

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How Charity Organizations help women with ovarian cancer?- Literature review

Literature review

How Charity Organizations help women with ovarian cancer?

There are various charity organizations working to help women with ovarian cancer. Today, the organizations for ovarian cancer all across the globe launch campaigns for developing awareness of ovarian cancer. This campaign has been named by charity organizations as BEAT. The OCNA that is Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the Coalition of National Ovarian Cancer, the Gynecologic Foundation of Cancer and the Research Fund on Ovarian Cancer (all charity organizations) have joined hands for providing education to women. The information provided is on the prospects of their bodies so that they can recognize the difference in their bodies when a symptom of any disease especially as the growing report of Ovarian Cancer rises (Summer 2012).

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Descriptive statistics assignment- MAH090614_14663_28546


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