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Food Industry assignment- Australian Law

  1. I intend operate a restaurant business in the city of Melbourne as a retail outlet and want to register it as company in Australia. The basic licensing and registration requirements for running this  business as a company  are:
  • Registration with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). (Mandatory Requirement).
  • Filling of form 201 for registration as company.
  • Filling of form 401 for registration of name.

I need to follow the provisions of the Food Act of 1984 which is the key regulation governing the food industry in Australia.

  1. The Food Act 1984 is the specific regulation that governs the food industry in Australia. The act ensures that the food that is served in outlets and restaurants are of a standard quality and is safe to consume.

The act classifies deteriorated food into two classes that are unsafe food and unsuitable food and further unsafe food has been classified as food which causes injury or food which causes illness.

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Indigenous Health Assignment

Indigenous Health


“Aboriginal people are a steady beating heart at the centre of our Australian spiritual identity,” quoted by the famous journalist, Caroline Jones regarding the indigenous population of the country. But the ‘heart’ is gradually being affected which raises doubts about the health status of this community. Indigenous people are a community having a set of particular rights based on their historical bondage to a territory or nation. They are culturally and historically distinctive from other population of the nation. They were facilitated with special set of rights as they are very much vulnerable to exploitation and oppression. Since their settlement is spread all over across the globe, it is very difficult to compile and estimate their population. A report suggested that their population ranges from 300 million to 350 million as of the start of the 21st century. Indigenous population varies in levels, patterns and courses of health.  But there is an alarming concern regarding their health profile. It is reported that there is a huge gap in the life expectancy between indigenous and non-indigenous populations of several countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States (Claydon et al., 2007).  They also have higher rates of ill health as compared to other groups. Due to their inaccessible habitat at remote places, it is very challenging for the governmental authorities to supply better healthcare facilities to them. Moreover, they rely much on their traditional medicines, which are generally derived from plant and animal products.  Due to lack of awareness about current advancement of medicine, they are reluctant to practice it. Our current research proposal focuses on the child sector of these indigenous people. The present assignment will try to address the cause of higher infant mortality rates among such people as compared to the national average of Australia. It will also enlighten the plans and measures for improvement in this field.

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Assessment Item 3

Assignment 3

Project 1: Explain the cut-through architecture including its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of cut-through architecture are as follows,


Cut-through architecture lets the data frame enter into and exit from thecut-through switch at almost same time. The cut-through switches forwards data without storing it in contrast with traditional store-and-forward switches. Those switchesstores the whole frame for a minimum time to examine various fields of the data frame. This process reduces the overall network throughput. The cut-through architecture is free from this drawback. It helps in improving the network throughput by allowingswitches to pass data frames faster.

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Everyday Life-Question and Answer

Everyday Life-Question & Answer

 Question 1

‘It is one of the most fundamental paradoxes of our social life that when we are at our most natural, our most everyday, we are also at our most cultural; that when we are in roles that look the most obvious and given, we are actually in roles that are constructed, learned and far from inevitable’ (Willis, 1979: 184).

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Mining Industry Assignment


Business principles are ethical values that direct the technique in which a business behaves. The identical values that decide an individual’s proceedings also applicable to business. Acting in an principled method occupy unique amongst “correct” and “incorrect” and then building the “correct” option. (Shefa siegel 2013), It is comparatively simple to recognize unprincipled trade practices. For instance, organizations should not employ child labor. They ought to not illegally use copyrighted resources and process. They must not slot in in bribery.

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Remembering Babylon: Intervention

Remembering Babylon: Intervention

Remembering Babylon is a story of early 1860s, which begins with a strange man Gemmy who is walking into an English settlement from the Australian bush or wilderness. The settlers of English society get suspicious of the concerned strange visitor and since he was raised by black natives, the settlers viewed him as untrustworthy. He tried to convince the people that he is belonged to the same place but was unsuccessful. However, the strange man makes some friends in the English settlement even when he could speak limited English.

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Data analysis of pacific church Assignment


The pacific conferences of churches are generally secretary related which has remained silent for too long and therefore this will play a serious part in the victimization of Papuans. Many of pacific partners known their first hand including their worlds are changing. In the pacific countries the church is the central community to their life. The life partners of the pacific churches have a significant opportunity to support, educate and prepare all the local communities for climate changes impacts. This program will support them up to nine pacific church partners including their exploit. By this their contexts and the main way of enabling grassroots communities to adapt to increase an impact of climate change. Mainly it is part of house of community by which the people were not much concerned with their earlier health at the earlier stage. The pacific church has many community vision among of them The HSPT is most popular which will support to empower women with their families and their communities to achieve a healthy life style including self care and self responsibilities (Libby, et al 2001). This program is very popular and very successful to help the pacific church women fellowship’s group access health information including lots of information and proper service. The main purpose of this report is to produce and analyze the data and the figures given by the church to reduce obesity and the government also supporting the Church for getting the data to them. The success of the innovative thinking by HSPT is promoting and building a suitable relationship with all the pacific communities and collaborating between them. These collaborations takes place between the main pacific health providers in Auckland and delivery of the pacific strategy for national program.

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Quality Definition Table: The quality definition table for the intranet facility project is given below:

Quality Item List any standards used to define quality List acceptance criteria that applies to the quality item Quality assurance activities to be conducted to ensure acceptance Timeframe for quality assurance activities What project process audits/reviews will be conducted for Quality Improvement Timeframe for audits and reviews
Meet the expectations of departmental Staff New system improved existing arrangements Departmental staff agrees that the system meets their expectation Customer sign-off and approval from higher authorities, sponsor Feedback was required during project execution Project communication conducted between team members and managers Midway through project and again at conclusion
Meet the expectations of external end-users Must be user friendly External end-users are satisfied External end-users were consulted before deciding the specifications of the new system. Feedback was required during project execution Feedback collected will be reviewed Midway through project and again at conclusion

  1. What processes were used to develop the quality definitions? List the steps.

The process of total quality management technique was used to develop the quality definations.

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KHA_25690_Human_Resource_Planning_and_costing and KHA_25690-project_cost

Section 1: Plan Human Resource

Activity 1:

1)    Project organisation and structure:

A project organization and structure can be established in a company or an organization with effective and efficient management of the project. Here a complete cooperation and coordination of each and every individual is required within the organisation. Here different styles of teams can exist in an organisation and they play significant role in managing the projects. A project organisation and the relevant structure can be introduced by the top authorities and it can be managed with the help of other managers.

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Room Division Operations Management

“Room Division Operations Management”

1. Service Provided by Rooms divisions.

1.1 Accommodation & Front office services.

The accommodation provided in the hospitality services includes a huge number of rooms and housing services. The information provided to the customers to the respective standards of rooms plays an essential role. It requires the different forms of rooms along with their sizes and accommodation spaces. The role of the hospitality service is to bring out the level of different rooms. There is an accurate statistical data which is required to enrol into the introduction of different ventures in the hotel business. This will give rise to a huge amount of revenue generation. The more addition into the luxuries provided by the hotel to its customers will fetch more amount of revenue. The Atlantic Hotel shows that about one thousand five hundred beds show the occupancy of the rooms in the hotel. The statistics also shows the increase in the number of rooms in the Penguin Hotel. The cost per yield is the requirement of the yearly statistics. The performance indicators show the division of rooms which provides a huge role of the generation of the revenue. It shows the increase in the ranks of the hotel in the international market. It is due to the rise of the generation of the revenue. The information provided by the front office also plays an important role. It also requires the role of the hotel or hospitality services to spread awareness in a channelized form in order to complete the information of the room services.

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Australian Law assignment-Topic-Abortion



Introduction. 2

Drugs. 4

Legislation. 4

Amendments. 5

Expectations. 5

Practice. 6

Conclusion. 6

References. 8


                The practice of abortion is practiced all over the world in fact before the beginning of recorded history the practice was there for many years and the subject which aroused controversy as well as passion. In fact it raises a very fundamental question on the existence of life the start of life and that is how a human being is formed.  It is at the heart of such issues which are contentious within women and the right to control them. The tension that occurs between the secular and religious views within an individual is tremendous and also the tussle between the individual and the society which occurs is not less. The process also influences the conflicting rights of the mother and the fetus and the decision to abortion. But central to everything is the point of sexuality and how the pregnancy came about and was there any way to prevent it with some contraceptive methods. As the new era begins these issues tend to occupy a significant dimension around the Globe.

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China’s Inflation Rate Drops-MAH080514_13743_26550

China’s Inflation Rate Drops to 1.8%


An article is published in The Sydney Morning Herald on May 9, 2014 reporting about the present inflation rate of China. The reason behind choosing this article is it is a contemporary economic issue and significant too. Inflation is an important economic measure which represents the present economic situation of a nation. The concept of inflation and deflation is very relevant in the economic discussion. Additionally, this will give an in depth idea about the theories of inflation and its implications. These are the major reason for selecting the article for composing this essay. In this article, significant information has been published. The annual inflation rate is estimated and declared. It has depicted a significant fall which may be referred as deflation. In April of 2014, it is estimated that the annual inflation of China is 1.8% which is seemed to be the lowest in the last eighteen months. The major implications of the sharp fall of China’s inflation are the major objective of this paper. In the following section, the concept of inflation, relevant theories and the findings of the newspaper article are discussed. Moreover, with the help of the economic theories, the major implications of this incident will be identified.

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MAH310514_15092_29412-Phython Assignment Help


Python Task Assignment


Table of Contents

Reference. 10



print(“You are Sir Robin, the young knight. Your way is blocked by an angry dragon.”)

print ("""What do you do now ?
2...fight away""")
print("my first line "
"is made up from "
"several parts")
if myanswer == "1":
    print ("nothing happens, the dragon also wait")
elif myanswer == "2":

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