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  1. Activities in everyday’s life are transparent and social cultures are associated with it. Everyday’s life becomes so bust that one not getting much time for talking about the cultural set by the earlier generation. It includes cleaning of teeth in morning, making a cup of coffee, showering, getting children ready, say hello to neighbors, going to office, lunch, and watching TV. These activities are set by the older and present generation is following them. There is more significance in everyday’s life that may not seem. Different people have their different lives and different routines. People may have different cultures and these cultures can vary from social and psychological points. People understand their way for living in the society and how these cultures set their complete routine. The routine is well organized and it depends on the values of the cultures. Societies have their meaning because of the people and their thinking, values, norms and different believes. The only difference is that thinking and believes varies from one society to other society. All humans are cultural being and having the ability to think and stimulate accordingly. For example in animals, when lion sees another animals then consider it as a prey and then it tries to hunt it. On the other hand humans on seeing others react according to their thinking, attitude and cultural values. Human relations are set according to their values, believes and norms. Cultural aspects are important as they teach the exact meaning of life. Cultural values are transferred from one generation to the next generation. The next generation keeps on the values, norms of the previous generation. This process is keep going on and the all the humans are related by these values and norms. Humanity lies within every human and this aspect make them to believe and trust on each other. For a better society trust and love are the two powerful tools and these tools are helpful in creating the relations. Orientation of the people or a particular group helps in creating the culture for the generations. Social contexts are operating in between these groups. (David Inglis, 2005)

Work in everyday life collaborates effectively with colleagues or client in daily routine of life. Societies are having different meaning in relation to the opposite sexes. Believes are set about the biology and psychological thinking. This will reflect the cultures of life and meaning in the society. The working ability of the male and female is different. The context is related to the social construction of the gender rather than the areas of working. Social intuitions are having the cultures that are basically relates to gender. These explain that female have to act in some different way. These kinds of values bind the societies and goals cannot be achieved successfully. This is termed as socialization and how the things are told that is how the culture is set has the prime importance. (Holmes, 2009)

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Authentication Mechanism & Security March 11




Introduction: 2

Aim & Objective. 2

Rationale of Research. 3

Significance of the Topic. 4

Knowledge from Research. 5

Conclusion. 6

References: 6

Authentication Mechanisms & Security Protocols

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Data Marts:
Data Mart is an access layer used as a Dataware house environment which is used for the users. Data marts are little cuts of the data warehouse. In as much as information warehouses have an undertaking wide profundity, in Data marts relates to one division. In a few organizations, each division or specialty unit is considered the holder of its information retail store and also all the fittings, programming framework and learning. This allows each division to utilize, control and create their learning any methodology they see fit; while not sanitation information inside diverse learning bazaars or the data warehouse. In distinctive organizations wherever accommodated measurements are utilized, this specialty unit ownership won’t hold valid for imparted measurements like customer, item, and so on.
Dataware House Bus Matrix:
The ‘Enterprise Bus Matrix could be an information Warehouse outlining device and model made by Ralph Kimball, and is a component of the data Warehouse Bus plan. The Matrix is that the sensible meaning of 1 of the center plans of Kimball’s methodology to Dimensional Modeling. The lattice is arranged as a half and half model, being half specialized style apparatus, half extend administration instrument and half specialized device. The Enterprise Bus Matrix comes from the trouble of however one sets out for some concerning making the learning Warehouse climate.
Generally there has been the structure of the unified and arranged methodology and likewise the extra inexactly plot, division particular, results created throughout an extra independent matter. Self-ruling comes may wind up throughout and fluctuate of disconnected stove channel information shops. Regularly every methodology has its issues; the visionary approach normally battles with long conveyance cycles and absence of idle period on the grounds that the conventions and degree issues is self-evident. On the inverse hand the occasion of secluded learning stores, bringing about Stovepipe a framework that needs movement being developed.

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ITC5 42 Assignment 2

ITC5 42 Assignment 2
As per below topology we have configured and setup the network according to the objectives. All the IP addresses used are mentioned on topology. As suggested we have configured the routing on all three router using RIP v.2. All communication from all devices are happening perfectly. Mails are sending/receiving from PC1-PC0. Please find the attached snapshot below for more info.
Topology is as shown below:

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26437 -Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This is a report on the working of a small business RTE where packaged food is supplied by the owner with the help of a small workforce. In order to extend the services and to eliminate the competition the business RTE has proposed to implement an information system which is the need of the hour. In this report total emphasis is on the information system, how it works and the influence it has. Furthermore, different forms of information system are taken into consideration and also the model of Porter’s which helps to gain competitive advantage. From the report, it will be clear that an information system is the chief ingredient and will help the business in the long run.

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Webjet Limited is major travel agencies of the New Zealand and Australia which provides various online services to the customers.  The services provided by the Webjet includes

  • Flight Booking (Domestic and International)
  • Hotel Accommodation (Both Domestic and International)
  • Holiday Package deals. (Both Domestic and International)
  • Car Hire Service i.e.renting a cab (worldwide).
  • Travel Insurance for the customers and the passengers travelling

The founders of Webjet Limited are David Clarke, John Lemis and Allan Nahum. The head office of the company is located in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in the year 1988 and the same was listed in the Australian Stock exchange in the year 2000 through a reverse take-over deal with Roper river resources New Zealand. In between 2007 and 2010 the had been ranked as the most visited website by HITWISE TRAVEL AGENCIES.  One of the major competitor of Webjet Limited in the recent years is which is an Australian Based website providing online services to the customers which is in similar to services rendered by  Webjet. The head office of is located in Milton, Queensland.

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  1. a.     Blogs and their Social Impact

Blogging is a combination of aspects to think and write with the aspects of the presentation of the content being written and it has been seen to be added in the conversation as will. In a blog of personal writing, every post is written down in a quick manner and the post is published immediately (Davidow & Uttal 2005). Instead of drafting and revising until every piece which has been written seems to be perfect, bloggers have the tendency of publishing more frequent and does not require perfectionism.

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The economic indicators

Table of Contents

2. Presenting the data in a single chart 1

3. The GDP and %of growth situation. 3

4. Definitions of the variables. 12


2. Presenting the data in a single chart

The GDP per capita of each country vary from time to time.

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Wilkinson v Downton Tort in Australia


The Wilkinson v Downton is a popular Tort Law case which is traditionally considered as an action on a particular case that involved intentional infliction of mental harm. The case brief goes something like this: In the year 1896, April 9, Thomas Wilkinson who happened to be the husband of Mrs Lavinia Wilkinson who was also the plaintiff, attended a race meeting and on the same day in evening, the defendant visited the plaintiff’s house and said that while he was returning in a wagonette after watching the race with his friends, Mr. Wilkinson met with a bad accident in which he broke his legs[1]. The defendant also told Mrs. Wilkinson that her husband was lying at the Elms Publichouse at Leytonstone and the defendant was requested by Wilkinson to call his wife taking a cab (Carroll, 1983). But all these statements made by him were fake ones (Rabin, 1995). The consequences was too bad, where the wife (the plaintiff) believed the statements were true and she was so shocked to hear them that she fell seriously ill. She also spent some money to buy the tickets for the persons who she had sent to the spot to look after her husband.

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Constitutional conventions represent important rules of political behaviour which are necessary for the smooth running of the constitution.’

In order to critically analyze as how “Constitutional conventions represent important rules of political behaviour which are necessary for the smooth running of the constitution”, it is first important to understand the term ‘Constitutional Conventions’. It is then important to consider as whether constitutional conventions are actually ‘necessary for the smooth running of the constitution’.

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Research methods for business and management




Page No


Rationale for this research



What is issue of research?



What is research issue now?



2 Rese  Research Proposal






The research background



Research aim



Research objective



Question regarding research



Review of literature regarding research



Literature describing retail marketing



Literature describing motivation



Literature describing job satisfaction



Literature describing organizational commitment



Literature review for relationship between motivation, satisfaction and industrial commitment



Research Design and methodology



Type of Investigation



Data collection method



Sampling Method



Analysis of data collected for search



















Title: Changing Face of Retail Marketing: Overview of Challenges, Opportunities and Growth found in retail marketing.

 Abstract: The word retail marketing itself implies the hand transaction with customer. It is the research based on Malaysian retail market which experience higher graph in their market in the forms of super markets, convenience store and hypermarket, it was also stated that from the last few researches the Malaysian retail market will experience dramatic change in marketing environment the retail marketing is the also fastest changing and dynamic growth industry worldwide. Retailing is become very much part of our lives as well as important aspect for economic structure. Though transaction of goods is part of lives from old days marketing of goods is become brand dominated activities from past few year. Malaysia has operated its own concept of retailing. Retail market in Malaysia is famous for its bustling shopping center, multi-stored malls and lots more. The study is based changing face of retail marketing overview of challenges, opportunities and growth found in retail marketing. There is a large range of population working in the sector of retail marketing starting from the median age 24 years, there are also working women population and increasing opportunities in service sector in also tends towards the key factors in growth of retail marketing. The food retail industry in Malaysia dominates the shopping world; also the mobile phone retail industry in Malaysia is already US $ 16.7 Billion business and it is growing across 20 percent per year. With the use of government policies, with the growing of the market and merging technology facilities the future of the retail marketing in Malaysia looks promising. In this country there is more retail market. Traditionally it is family of livelihood with their shop in back, while they run the retail business. While facing the competitive pressure, the focus should be on branding retail marketing. While doing marketing there is another important factor that is motivating employees from current job organization has to think on some motivating variables such as on time promotion, provide good salary to employees, monetary benefits, giving good job training to employees for their development, include employees in challenging task and guide them due to which their confidence level increases and they will try to give their best in any of the task given to them, these variables are definitely affects in motivating and satisfying employees in their current job.

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Legal Implications of Judicial Review

In the given case of Full Federal Court in SZSJA Vs Minister of Immigration and Full Border Protection [2013] FCAFC 158, the appellant is a Chinese national who has applied for protection visa in the Australia. He failed to attend his claim hearing before the Refugee Review Tribunal. The court took the evidence of his signature on the Hearing Invitation as his consent to attend the hearing as per the given time and date. He also did not explain the reason for his absence. As he did not turn up for the hearing, the court passed the order in absentia and dismissed his application for the visa.

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Table of Contents

Part A: Ratio analysis. 2

Evaluation of the ability to pay current liabilities: 2

Evaluation the ability to sell inventory and collect receivables: 3

Evaluation of the ability to pay long term debt: 4

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  1. I was present to attend the Supreme Court of Western Australia on 9th of March, 2012.

2. Presided by Hon’ble Justice Janine Pritchard I attended a sentencing hearing of Roger Green

3. The charges were indictable on the defendant as he was charged with Unlawful Trafficking of a Dangerous Drug i.e. Heroin and one count of possession of Dangerous Drugs. As both the offences were prosecuted by way indictment which is to formally bring the charges before court and they are the offences which can only be dealt by District or Supreme Court which decides the verdict on the basis of evidences, witness statements and rule of law and legal principles.

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Order Id : MAH060514_13695_26446

CCJ12 Court Report:


Use this form to take notes during your visit to court. You are expected to type up your complete responses to these questions and submit your report with an assignment cover sheet. See the Court Report Information Sheet for further details.

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